This is probably the last Oppo this year that fell into our hands. And you know, I’m glad I started getting to know them with more premium models, which, as I said in the reviews, cost a little more than I would like.

Against their background, I did not expect anything from the A-series, but she surprised me. For smartphones with Snapdragon processors, this is a very nice price tag. In particular, the Oppo A53 turned out to be extremely interesting and balanced. Now let’s take a look at the more expensive model from the same line – the A73.

Oppo A73 Review

This is a smartphone in the middle price segment. This does not tell us anything, since there are many smartphones for this money, but delving into the characteristics, you will understand that Oppo offers a rather interesting option.

Personally, I liked the design of this model. Even in comparison with the Reno line, the A73 smartphone looks unusual.

Moreover, in blue, the plastic back is embossed “under the skin.” And in the white version, the surface is glossy, with branded patterns all over the panel.

Despite the completely plastic case, there are no questions about the artistry. Also, there is a certain feeling of a removable back cover, although the case is not separable.

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OPPO A73 Review

The smartphone does not resemble a remnant at all. It has chopped edges and completely flat glass. The back cover is also flat. And this is all rather unusual to see in 2020.

Due to the materials of the case, it turned out to be very thin and light. The weight was 163 grams, and this is the very first thing you pay attention to. The phone is very lightweight.

Of the pleasant moments, I also note a headphone jack, which is also included in the kit, which is now a rarity. I was also pleased with a fingerprint scanner under the display and the presence of an NFC module for contactless payments.

OPPO A73 Review

The control keys are located on the sides, you can’t go wrong and it’s convenient. Plus, it comes with a silicone protective case to keep your phone safe from scratches.

The display in this model is 6.44 inches. The matrix is ​​made using AMOLED technology. At the top there is a cutout for the front camera. The screen resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels; the pixel density is 409 per inch, which is quite enough for such dimensions.

But 90 HZ is not here. I will not judge who and what is better. As with other BBK-owned brands, the user always has a choice. If you want inexpensive and 90Hz – take the Oppo A53. I always prefer AMOLED, and in this segment there are no such panels with 90 HZ yet.

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Also, the screen of the A73 is flat, and, in the case of AMOLED matrices, this is rather a plus since there is no picture distortion at the edges of the screen.

The phone is convenient to use thanks to the rather compact side frames. But it is worth noting that the lower one is twice as large as the rest.

OPPO A73 Review

The set of cameras is standard for this class of devices. There is a 16 MP main, 8 MP wide-angle, and two 2 MP auxiliary modules. As for the front camera, it is here at 16 MP.

Daytime photo quality is good. And the less light enters the lens, the more noise appears. But no wonder we have a mid-price smartphone with a pretty good camera for its price. Examples of pictures can be seen in our video review.

OPPO A73 Review

The smartphone is based on Snapdragon 662, which I think is a plus. RAM 4 GB, and built-in 128 GB expandable. Again, note the triple tray. You can insert two SIM cards and a memory card, although the built-in 128 GB will be enough for many.

OPPO A73 Review

Why is Snapdragon good? Because, even on mid-range hardware, most game projects go well without any problems. Tanks at medium settings always show 45-60 FPS, which is quite enough.

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Regarding the more demanding Genshin Impact, here you have to set the minimum settings, but in LOL the smartphone feels great.

OPPO A73 Review

And, actually, what more could you want from such a device? Plus, there are no problems with the speed of work in the interface and applications. The phone is just pleasant to use.

Of course, you shouldn’t think that here you will get a “top-end gaming experience.” I talk about these games with an eye to the cost of a smartphone.

OPPO A73 Review

The autonomy is not the best here, but there is a good balance between battery capacity and charging speed. The 4015 mAh battery is enough for a day of active use. The set includes a 30 W power supply, which will allow you to charge your smartphone up to 50% in just 30 minutes. A full charge will take less than an hour!

OPPO A73 Review

As a result, I really remember the Oppo A73. A very decent smartphone that will suit many. It has both good sides and some disadvantages, but for the money it is good. It can be called competitive, and the Oppo A73 will definitely find its buyer.

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