I’ll go in right away with the trump cards – a fast 90 HZ screen, stereo sound, a huge battery, and all this attention is currently being given for $160. It sounds very juicy, but is everything really so cool? My name is Sasha, and this is Oppo A53. Let’s go!

Oppo A53 Review

There are no revelations in the device’s design – we have a glossy trendy case in which both the frame and the back panel are made of plastic. But on the other hand, the smartphone lies pleasantly, and it feels more expensive than it really is.

And all thanks to the good fit of materials and high-quality plastic. And I personally liked the “mint” color of the test sample. It looks fresh.

But no matter how good the plastic is, the back cover is quite delicate, so I would immediately put on the complete case to protect the glossy surface.

The camera block of the ORRO A53 is of considerable size. The main module is 13 MP, and the other two modules have a resolution of 2 MP. They are used as a macro lens and as a depth sensor. An 8 MP front camera awaits us in front. Let’s quickly go through the photo opportunities!

Oppo A53

The quality of the pictures is exactly what you expect to get from a state employee. For the tasks “to remove a document, a flower, a dog, the weather” and so on, it will do. Of course, this is not a top-end camera, but straight arms are much more important than an expensive camera phone.

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I could not find the night mode, so the automatics are in charge of everything here. Yes, in the evening, you need to try harder, as you can get grease, but for its current price, this is a completely standard sensor with typical budget capabilities. However, the camera has some interesting features – for example, the vivid color mode, which makes the picture ready for social networks. Examples of pictures can be seen in the video review.

Oppo A53

But not because of the cameras, we are here with you. The first thing that surprises is the presence of really working stereo sound. Considering the cost, I would say that it is perfect. There is a volume margin, as well as a sense of volume.

It is clear that the earpiece is a little quieter than the bottom one, but the overall picture is not bad. Getting something like this for $ 160 is very nice. There is simply nothing with stereo sound for that kind of money, and to get it from competitors, you will have to pay extra.

At the moment, there is a funny bug with stereo sound – in some games, such as Among Us or CoD, the sound came only from the lower speaker. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Oppo A53

Speaking of performance, in terms of hardware, we have a very fresh hardware platform based on Snapdragon 460. Together with it, we have 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, expandable. And such a set is enough for a relatively smooth drawing of the interface, the work of instant messengers and straightforward gaming into something simple. Even more complex projects can be launched at “minimal,” but the smartphone is clearly not a game one. Remember this.

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Oppo A53

Despite the relatively low resolution of the 6.5-inch screen (1600 x 720 pixels), it does not hurt the eyes too much. And given the performance of the hardware, this number of pixels will be optimal.

But what pleases me is the sweep frequency of 90 Hz. The interface with her really looks quite playful. In games, this is not particularly useful, but the overall impression of everyday use of 90 Hz was positively affected.

The panel itself, excluding the increased HZ, is quite ordinary. This is a normal IPS-matrix with good viewing angles and sane color reproduction.

Oppo A53

Iron and display resolution allows you to achieve a fairly serious autonomy, which for many will be a serious plus.

The 5000 mAh battery is enough for 2-2.5 days of work. The kit also comes with an 18 W unit, allowing you to charge the phone in just two hours fully. And 39% can be obtained in just half an hour, which is cool enough for a budget smartphone.

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Oppo A53

It makes no sense to dwell on the shell for a long time. Before us, is ColorOS 7.2, running on Android 10. It is quite a nice and simple shell, not overloaded with unnecessary software. You will definitely not get confused in it, and all the main useful chips are in place.

Of the other little things, I would note the usual headphone jack, no adapters, and a working NFC module for you, which is always nice for a budget employee. Well, a few words about safety.

The fingerprint scanner is located on the back cover, and there are no questions about the operating speed. There is also unlocking by face recognition, but it only works in good lighting conditions since all recognition occurs through the front camera.

Oppo A53

What is the bottom line? Before us, is quite an interesting budget device with some key features. I did not find any serious shortcomings here, and the general impressions are rather positive.

Even if there is a simple camera, the platform is far from the fastest, and 90 HZ are useful only in the interface. Excellent autonomy, modern design, and good stereo sound do their job. Getting everything in such an affordable segment will not work right away. The buyer will have to choose what is more important for him to receive. If the phone price continues to be around $160-170, the Oppo A53 will be quite a competitive device.

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