The free O&O AppBuster app offers one of the most comfortable ways to uninstall standard Windows 11 and 10 apps.

O&O AppBuster was developed by the German company O&O and was initially released to remove built-in and hidden apps in Windows 10.

At the end of 2021, O&O AppBuster received support for the latest Windows 11 operating system.

You can use an app to remove unwanted or unused programs on Windows devices. For example, why leave Paint 3D in your system if you’re using Paint or a third-party graphics editor?

Windows administrators have access to some tools for uninstalling the Programs part of the programs you can uninstall in Settings > Apps. However, many pre-installed Windows applications will not be uninstalled in this way. PowerShell commands or applications such as Geek Uninstaller or winget come to the rescue.

O&O AppBuster is an easy-to-use tool for uninstalling apps. You can download the latest version of the product on our website.

Download O&O AppBuster

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When the program starts, it displays a list of installed Windows applications, divided into several groups – Normal, Hidden from the Microsoft Store. Also, in the View menu, you can enable display in the list of system applications (System Apps) and frameworks (Framework Apps). However, O&O AppBuster does not support uninstalling applications from these two groups.

O&O AppBuster: Batch Uninstalling Preinstalled Windows Apps

The full name, installation status, availability, and space occupied for each application are indicated. Just check the boxes next to the apps you want to remove from your system. By the way, O&O AppBuster also supports the installation of applications.

The latest app update introduced support for uninstalling apps for the current user, all users, or a computer. While you can use AppBuster to remove apps from a single account, you can also uninstall apps for all users or the computer.

O&O AppBuster: Batch Uninstalling Preinstalled Windows Apps

O&O AppBuster supports the creation of system restore points. Once you have made a selection, the marked apps will be uninstalled. In the latest version, developers have optimized the order in which applications are removed from the system according to dependencies.

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Note that installing an app using O&O AppBuster won’t work if it’s been uninstalled from the entire device. You’ll have to use the Microsoft Store or other installation methods.

O&O AppBuster is an easy-to-use program for uninstalling preinstalled Windows applications. The product is completely free, supports batch removal of regular and hidden applications, and creates a system restore point before uninstalling. Although it cannot be used to uninstall system applications, many users will not need this feature.

Have you uninstalled preinstalled Windows apps on your devices?


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