Nio, which was the first in its home market to promote premium electric vehicles, presented its new product –Nio ET7.

The Nio ET7 starts at $70,000, and there really is a lot to see. True, there are not very many details yet, since the car will be released only at the end of next year.

Nio ET7

The basic version of Nio ET7 (cost $ 70,000) is equipped with a 70 kWh battery, which is supposedly enough for more than 500 km. But there will be another option: the latest 150 kWh solid-state battery, thanks to which the autonomy supposedly exceeds 1000 km! While these promises are still worth checking out, especially given that they are based on the NEDC cycle, they are still impressive.

The setting for 653 hp will drive the car with a torque of 850 Nm. Acceleration to hundreds is promised in 3.9 s. The length of the car is almost 5.1 m with a wheelbase of 3 m.

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Judging by the first photo, the salon will be quite minimalistic, but not without a twist. The Nio ET7 also received very powerful electronics. The heart is the supercomputer (as they call it) Adam, powered by Nvidia Orin chips. Even one such chip must be mighty, but there are four of them!

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As a result, the entire system includes 48 Cortex-A78 processor cores, 8096 CUDA cores, 256 third-generation tensor cores, and in total, four SoCs contain 68 billion transistors. And the performance ultimately exceeds 1000 TOPS.

Nio ET7

All this is needed for advanced autopilot functions, driver assistance, and so on, but there are not many details yet. For example, it is known about 11 cameras, 33 sensors, 5 mm radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors.

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