LetsGoDigital has leaked device information. According to them, the company really plans to present the Oppo X smartphone in an unusual design. The device was created in collaboration with fashion designer Tom Ford, who became widely known for his work with Gucci’s fashion house.

When folded, it turned out to be a rather compact mobile phone. Its peculiarity is that the screen can stretch and turn the device into a full-fledged smartphone. It looks like the back of the device is made of brown leather, and there is a triple horizontal camera.

Noteworthy is the lack of connectors and mechanical control keys, as well as a front camera. There is only a SIM card slot on the right side, which can be accessed only when the display is raised.

New renders reveal the design of the retractable smartphone Oppo X

Whether a smartphone with such a design will be good, comfortable, and generally realizable remains questionable. Most likely, this is another concept. It is unlikely that such a device will soon reach the stage of mass production.

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