LG today announced a new line of QNED TVs with Mini-LED backlighting and the InstaView 2021 smart refrigerator series, one of the key features of which is a new feature that allows you to open doors with a voice command. It can come in handy when the hands are busy with food or are not clean enough to touch the door (critical in the era of coronavirus).

Of course, other voice control options like checking the status of ice and water dispensers, checking the schedule, or replenishing food through the Amazon Dash service (not available in Ukraine), which have already become familiar to the owners of older models of LG InstaView refrigerators with double doors, have not gone anywhere.

Dispenser disinfection using ultraviolet radiation is also introduced in the new models (again, useful during a pandemic). LG also promises a 23% larger glass panel for its eponymous InstaView feature and ice-making capability on side-by-side models.

Details, including pricing and timing, are being kept secret by LG. 2021 InstaView refrigerators on LG’s virtual showcase at the upcoming CES 2021 virtual show.

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