There are about six months left before the first beta of the next version of watchOS. Apple is obviously already in development watchOS 8, and it is not yet clear what new functions the company will add to the new operating system for the watch. But in the end, there are many ways to improve watchOS. From more detailed health indicators to advanced controls, widgets, and new apps like cycling or walking. Apple has many ways to make watchOS more useful. And here are some of them.

WatchOS 8: New apps, Watch faces, and Widgets TechRechard

Apple could add new apps to watchOS 8

This concept is based on adding new applications to the system and turning existing system components into standalone applications.

Health app in watchOS 8

Apple could really add a Health app to watchOS to turn your watch into a more powerful and independent health monitoring device. There will still be separate apps to measure different health indicators, but you can use the Health app on Apple Watch to view your body data in one place.

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WatchOS 8: New apps, Watch faces, and Widgets TechRechard

Sleep data, steps, and more – right on your watch

You will be able to view both a general summary, which usually only appears on your iPhone, as well as each category and health metric. Cool idea.

Control Center Widgets

Apple offered so-called “Glances” in the first two versions of watchOS. They were originally intended to display important information from third-party applications quickly. But when developers created more powerful native applications and a more powerful processor appeared in the watch, they were no longer needed. Apple decided to replace them with a single Control Center.

The small widgets from iOS 14 are ideal for the Apple Watch. Apple needs to merge Control Center into a single non-scrolling page and add a horizontal swipe between the various widgets.

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WatchOS 8: New apps, Watch faces, and Widgets TechRechard

These widgets beckon directly to Apple Watch.

Apple could even make it possible to easily port existing iOS 14 widgets to the watch without a separate app. Data can be synced directly from your iPhone. This will give us more third-party software on the watch.

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New watch faces in watchOS 8

No, not just nice new hands with numbers. Why not use Apple TV + for watch faces, for example? The service had become especially popular last year. Many of its serials have “entered” users, especially when a Russian dubbed translation appeared for them. And watchOS 8 could have a feature that brings characters from your favorite TV shows to life right on your watch. Snoopy could hover around the clock face, and Ted Lasso could smile, and so on.

WatchOS 8: New apps, Watch faces, and Widgets TechRechard

Probably more of a toy, but cool

It would be an Apple Watch exclusive. Why not?

Apple Watch Battery app

One of the best widgets in iOS 14 is the battery widget. It conveniently and beautifully displays the current battery level on connected devices. It’s very cool to have this on an iPhone, but it would be even more useful to view devices’ power on the Apple Watch.

WatchOS 8: New apps, Watch faces, and Widgets TechRechard

You would have even less reason to take your iPhone out of your pocket.

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This application could display the charge of the watch and the iPhone itself, AirPods headphones, allowing activating the power saving mode remotely. The more powerful battery widget from iOS 14 can be added to the new Control Center.

Bicycle and Hiking App

WatchOS 8: New apps, Watch faces, and Widgets TechRechard

Such an application is clearly not enough now.

With the world becoming more and more isolated, we must spend some time walking in the fresh air, doing various outdoor activities. With a new app, “Hiking,” you could view interesting hiking and cycling routes, track your health indicators during these activities, share places with other Apple Watch users. I’m currently using Strava for this, but I wonder how Apple would implement it.

Of course, these are just a few of the new features that may appear in watchOS 8. Although Apple updates its operating system for watches every year, it doesn’t feel like the system is really changing as much as with the same iOS. Maybe this year things will be different. What would you most like to see in watchOS 8? Tell us in the comments section below.

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