Netflix has long been grappling with the issue of password sharing in the United States, and the company has recently introduced a new policy addressing this concern. Users who share their account passwords with individuals outside their households will now face additional charges.

Like any other company, the streaming giant recognizes the importance of separate user accounts. Hence, Netflix is taking a stand against password sharing among accounts beyond family members.

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Effective immediately, Netflix emails users who share their account credentials with individuals outside their households. In these emails, the company clarifies that any member of the account’s designated “household” can use Netflix at any time, even when on vacation.

For instance, Netflix explicitly mentions the ability to log in to the streaming service while using a TV in a hotel room. According to Netflix, this is not considered password sharing, as it falls within the context of households.

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Nevertheless, there are specific ways to share Netflix outside the home. The company distinguishes two distinct scenarios:

  1. Purchasing an additional membership: Users can share their Netflix account with someone who doesn’t reside with them by paying an extra fee of $7.99 per month.
  2. Profile transfer: Account holders can transfer their profile to a new paid membership, allowing anyone within the account to utilize it.

Moreover, standard or premium Netflix account holders in many countries can add an extra member to their account, enabling them to share Netflix with someone who doesn’t live in their household. To do so, the account holder must purchase an additional member slot and invite the individual to use it. However, the other member must activate their access in the country where the account holder initially created it. It’s important to note that additional members cannot be added to packages tied to Netflix or third-party billed accounts, nor can they be added to ad-supported plans.

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While Netflix’s measures to combat password sharing are set to take effect in the United States during the second quarter of this year, the exact date of implementation has not been specified in the email sent out by the company.


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