On Monday, Netflix unveiled an update to its iOS and Android apps, significantly improving the “My List” feature. “My List” enables users to save movies and shows they wish to watch later, and the latest update introduces filtering options to enhance content discovery within the list.

The new “My List” filtering options offer users a range of sorting criteria. Titles can now be organized by release date, alphabetical order, and the date they were added to the list. Additionally, users can utilize more advanced filters such as “Not Started” and “Started,” which arrange titles based on the viewer’s progress in watching them.

Netflix Enhances User Experience with Improved Filtering Options for "My List"

Before this update, “My List” lacked filtering capabilities, forcing users to scroll through the entire list to locate specific content. TechCrunch pointed out this inconvenience, making adding filters a welcome enhancement. The update also introduces a new swipe gesture allowing users to remove content from their list swiftly.

It’s important to note that while “My List” is accessible through various platforms, including web browsers and Smart TVs, the current organizational update is exclusively available for smartphones—at least for now. According to reports, Netflix has not disclosed plans to introduce filters to other platforms. However, shortly, Netflix TV users can anticipate a new “Coming Soon” section directly on the app’s home screen.

The new “My List” filters are now accessible to Android users. iPhone users can expect to receive the update in the coming weeks.

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Netflix Focuses on Password Sharing Prevention in the U.S.

Recently, Netflix implemented measures to combat password sharing within U.S. accounts. Last month, the company introduced a new system, already active in five countries, that restricts users from sharing passwords with individuals outside their households. Under this system, the Netflix account must be accessed from a device connected to the account holder’s home Wi-Fi network at least once every 31 days.

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In countries where this policy is currently in effect, such as Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, and Spain, Netflix offers an option to pay an additional monthly fee for a “subaccount” designated for individuals not residing in the same household.

Moreover, Netflix has updated its tvOS app to support the new ad layer. Users can access the Netflix app for free from the App Store, but ensuring that the latest version is installed is essential to take advantage of the new features.


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