Autoclicker is a program that performs automatic mouse clicks in the right place for you in the operating system.

Mouse auto-clickers can be helpful for various purposes, usually used for software testing, web development, and games. Sometimes even auto-clickers are used to trick the software installed by the employer on the work computer to simulate the performance of some work.

Regardless of why you need an auto-clicker for Mac, you can use a great free option with a wide range of features that will satisfy your needs for automatic mouse clicking.

MouseClicker for Mac has various customizable features. You can specify the number of clicks, the interval of clicks (or the time between clicks), the time for the clicker to indicate when clicks will occur, the area of clicks, to set the zone in which mouse clicks will occur, you can also choose which click will occur – single or double, left or right mouse button.

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It is enough to download and run the application, then configure the autoclicker for yourself and run it as soon as possible.

MouseClicker – Free AutoClicker for Mac

Keep in mind that you’ll need to grant the MouseClicker app access to be able to control the Mac cursor (you’ll get a prompt the first time you launch the app), as you’re permitting the app to click automatically.

MouseClicker is open source, so if you’re wondering what’s going on “under the hood” or are skeptical of third-party apps, you can explore it.


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