An underrated part of creating a business is choosing the right domain name. The name of your website can actually have a tremendous impact on the traffic on your website and thus on your business. Here are some of the important things to consider when picking a domain name.

Your domain name is just as important as your brand name and logo. It’s the first impression of your business, even before the logo and web design. And, you want to leave the best and memorable impression on your potential customers.  

Most Important Things to Consider When You Pick a Domain

But choosing a domain name for your business can be challenging. We bring you the following important factors that you should keep in mind when picking a domain. 

Be Careful When Selecting Top-Level Domain (TLD) Extensions

A TLD is the part of your domain that comes after the name of your business. Most common ones are .com, .info, .org, and .net. There are lots of newer TLDs, but it’s wise to stick to the common ones. 

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If you can’t get a basic TLD, then you can choose alternatives. But be careful and do proper research before finalizing a TLD for your online business. What you select should make sense to your business and audience. 

Unique and Brandable  

Find a name for your domain that makes your business stand unique in the competition. It helps avoid legal issues and also supports your marketing strategies. So, choose something unique but relevant and meaningful. Follow the link and try out Domainify’s online name generator that can help you kickstart the naming process with a branding approach in mind.

Add Keywords  

Search engines use your domain name to determine what your business is about. So, make sure you include keywords within your domain name in a natural and meaningful way. 

Avoid Hyphens

You should choose a domain name that’s easy to pronounce and remember. But hyphens can make it difficult to express verbally and in writing. 

Most people forget such domain names entirely and land on the competitors’ websites. So, don’t use a hyphen or anything that’s not a letter, not even numbers.

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Most Important Things to Consider When You Pick a Domain

Avoid Doubled Letters

Using doubled letters in your website’s domain results in typos. These are hard to read, type and even pronounce. Typing mistakes can result in lost and stolen traffic. 

What’s more, having to spend time longer than necessary figuring out how to spell your website can result in distractions.

Choose a Flexible Domain Name

Let’s understand this better with an example. You choose a domain name, “Amica. food” that perfectly represents your online recipe website. What if you start posting about your photography skills? 

So, hopefully, the lesson is clear. Don’t choose a domain name that restricts your growth. Instead, choose a flexible name by keeping in mind that your business may grow and expand over time. You can’t ignore this domain name risk if you aim for long-term growth. Read more about what to be aware of when choosing a domain at

Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Multiple people want the same domain name. If you’re confident with your choice, simply buy it, especially if the domain is reasonably inexpensive. 

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In addition, if you find a better domain, later on, you can let the registration lapse. After all, you don’t want to regret not acting fast enough. 

Finally, when you buy a domain name, you must sign an agreement right away. Fortunately, you can digitally sign PDF documents online. This is because, as mentioned above, there are often multiple buyers for every domain. And, when you’ve signed a document, you’re on the safe side in case of a potential dispute. 


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