Although iPhones are extremely well-built and designed to last you for many years, they are not completely foolproof and do sometimes run into errors. Most of the errors can be quickly fixed, whilst others sometimes need more time spent fixing them and ultimately may require you to book into the Apple Store to get them to look after your phone – this is why we would always recommend getting phone insurance as let’s face it, iPhones are not cheap. 

From spilling water on your phone, an overheating iPhone, forgetting your iPhone passcode or iPhone disabled to the iPhone touch screen not working, your face ID not working on your iPhone, these are just a few of the common problems you may face at one point. Instead of stressing and thinking your phone is broken, chances are you can fix it yourself with a few simple steps. 

So what to do if your iPhone suddenly breaks down and you need to fix it quickly? Below we look into the most common iPhone problems and how to fix them. 

Overheating iPhone 

When the weather is hot outside and you leave your phone in direct sunlight, you may come across an instance where an error message appears on your Apple device. Chances are this error message will explain that your iPhone is overheating and to stop using it, in order for it to cool down. When this message appears, straight away remove it from any sunlight. If you have a case, remove this as this can trap the heat in and by removing it, cool it down quicker. Make sure you turn the device off as this also helps to cool it down. 

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iPhone Applications Freezes or Quitting Unexpectedly

This problem can be very frustrating. When you are trying to use an app and it keeps on crashing and closing the app down. When you go to re-load it again it freezes and then closes. There are several reasons this could be happening on your iPhone. Reason 1 – the app wasn’t correctly installed on your device. The quick fix would be to uninstall the app, restart your device and then reinstall it. Reason 2 – your device is too old for the app, rendering it incompatible causing it to freeze or quit unexpectedly. Reason 3 – You are on the latest IOS update but the app hasn’t been updated to work on it. If an update has just happened, give it a couple of days for the app developers to update their app to work on the current version of IOS. 

iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

Sometimes your iPhone screen may stop working when you are touching it. Before panicking that your phone is broken, simply restart your device. Whilst restarting it, get a dry cloth and wipe the screen to clear off any dirt or water (if it’s raining outside, the phone may not respond as well when it gets wet). If it’s still not working as it should, try to delete the chase and make sure your phone is not full in storage. 

It goes without saying, if your screen is cracked and suddenly stops working, this is most likely due to the damage and you may need to see a screen repair centre. 

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iPhone Bluetooth Problem

A common problem that you will face with your iPhone every now and then is a Bluetooth error – most likely when you are trying to connect to your headphones as it doesn’t work. The quickest solution to fixing this is to turn your Bluetooth on and off through your setting panel and hope this refreshes the connection. If this doesn’t work, restart your device and try to connect again. If it still doesn’t work, we would then recommend going to your Bluetooth setting and forgetting all devices. Make sure you are up-to-date on your mobile updates and if this doesn’t work, you may need to take your phone in for repair. 

iPhone Wi-Fi Problems 

Just like the iPhone Bluetooth, every now and then the Wi-Fi can be temperamental. The fix for this is very similar to fixing the Bluetooth. Start by turning the Wi-Fi on and off through the setting panel. If this doesn’t solve the error, try to restart your device as this can refresh the cache on your device. The last step would be to forget all your Wi-Fi networks and to re-add them. 

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Water Damaged iPhone 

Have you gone swimming and accidentally left your iPhone in your pocket? Maybe you are out, it’s raining and you have dropped it in a puddle? You are not alone, we’ve all been there. Luckily most of the new models are water-resistant and can withstand certain depths like a shallow swimming pool. If this does happen to you, take the case off and use a towel to wipe it completely dry. Remove the sim card and then turn your phone off and leave it in a cool place to make sure it dries off completely – do not plug it in at any point whilst it’s wet as this could damage its circuits. When you are confident your phone is dry enough, power it back up and reinsert the sim card. 

As you can see from the above list, there are many simple ways to fix common iPhone problems. If it happens to you, don’t stress as chances are you can quickly fix it yourself. If you can’t, an Apple store expert will certainly be able to help. Make sure you are backing up your phone regularly, as if you ever run into a storage or data issue and lose everything on your phone, you can relax knowing you quickly reinstall everything back on your phone – whether this is through a cloud back-up or a manual back-up on your laptop. We like to have multiple back-ups running by using Google photos as well, just so we are reassured. 

If you have any tips that may help our readers on fixing common iPhone problems, please drop us a message in the comment box below.   


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