Robot and software maker Moorebot unveiled its new creation at CES 2021 – the Scout robot scout. “It’s an autonomous AI robot that lets you explore the world around you,” says Jun Ye, CEO of Moorebot at Pilot Labs.

Moorebot introduced the Scout Robot

With the help of this robot, you can monitor your children while you are not at home, animals, or even workers doing repairs in your apartment. The robot is equipped with an FHD camera with night vision, support for voice control, and the function of streaming video directly to your smartphone in real-time.

The Scout Robot: Technical Specifications

Inside the robot is a quad-core ARM @ 1.2GHz processor with 1GB of DDR III RAM and 4GB of flash. The operating system is an open-source Linux + ROS.

Moorebot introduced the Scout Robot

Scout is quite compact. Its dimensions are only 70 mm x 100 mm x 110 mm, so it can drive into even the most difficult to reach places. In this case, the autonomy of the robot can reach 2 hours. It will automatically go to recharge when the charge is at its limit.

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The Scout Robot will go on sale in April/March for $ 179.

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