Mini Vision Urbanaut – self-contained electric minivan with convertible interior

With autonomous driving systems, the most common vehicle format will gradually become a minivan with a transformable volumetric interior and without a dedicated driver’s seat. This is the Mini Vision Urbanaut concept presented by BMW.

The concept’s creators provided three different scenarios (Mini moments) for using the model: Chill, Wanderlust, and Vibe. The first provides for a comfortable movement from point A to point B in a fully automatic mode, the second – an active driver’s trip with the direct participation of the driver, and the third – a party mode in which the electric car opens all its windows and doors to the people around it.

In the exterior design, two classic Mini features can be traced – round headlights and a characteristic “radiator grill.” However, these elements are made using modern means of expression in a matrix LED panel.

A comfortable soft sofa occupies the rear part of the cabin. Simultaneously, the front part can also be transformed into a comfortable resting place by turning the driver’s seat, removing the steering wheel, and lowering the front panel. The windshield can be raised outward, obtaining a kind of balcony for observing others. Almost all materials used are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Naturally, the Mini Vision Urbanaut supports various digital services, including presets for lighting, music, seating positions, and more. For all permitted drivers (family members).

Representatives of the brand recalled that a new generation of hatchback and crossover Mini would be released in 2023. Still, a model based on the Vision Urbanaut concept will appear no earlier than 2027.

Source: Mini

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