Most traditional laptops take a few seconds to wake up from sleep mode. However, they do not download emails or updates from social networks in the background (when the laptop is in sleep mode). To address this issue, Windows 10 provides support for Modern Standby. This is a special sleep mode in which the device will download data while in a sleep state.

Apparently, the Windows 10X operating system will also receive Modern Standby mode. This will allow the device to remain active and connected to the Internet at all times.

Windows 10X is a new operating system built on top of the Windows Core OS. Its launch is expected between March and June 2021. While Microsoft is reluctant to talk publicly about Windows 10X and the future of Windows 10, it has updated the old support documents without any announcements, adding more information about the next-generation operating system. And this update talks about Modern Standby support in Windows 10X.

Microsoft to add Modern Standby support to Windows 10X

On Windows 10X devices, Modern Standby can be similar to smartphones. For example, Windows 10X will download emails, receive updates from social media, and update content in Progressive Web Apps before the user even finishes lifting the lid. In fact, even in sleep mode, the laptop will remain connected and will be able to receive information with updates. Most Windows Store apps (UWP and PWA) will take advantage of the new feature in Windows 10X. Programs like Outlook Mail, Calendar, Photos, OneDrive, etc., will be able to download files, including large attachment files, when the user’s device is in a sleep state.

In fact, this mode is more like an idle low power mode than a traditional sleep mode. This allows the device to stay up-to-date when connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi network. This will also enable the computer to turn on instantly.

A source: windowslatest

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