Microsoft Edge users found that the way the app copied and pasted URLs changed. Starting with Edge 87 for Windows or 88 for macOS, by default, when you try to copy and paste a URL from the address bar, the page title will actually be pasted as a link, rather than the URL itself.

In other words, when trying to copy and paste the address:

the user will see not this text but the following:

And instead of linking to specific material, for example:

The user will see:

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In some cases, this function can be useful, for example, when composing an email with links. Then, as a result of copying the link in the address bar and pasting it in the letter’s body, you will get a beautifully formatted hyperlink with the page title. However, if you copy a link to a publication in the Twitter microblogging service, the entire text of the publication will be displayed, which does not look so pretty:

Xiaomi on Twitter: “JUST IN: Xiaomi Corporation 2020 Q3 Results! A record high for a single quarter! Our “Smartphone x AIot” strategy continued to yield outstanding results in 2020 Q3! #InnovationForEveryone #NoMiWithoutYou “/ Twitter (


Plus, you often need to copy a simple URL link, not the page title. A simple way out of this situation is to use the Ctrl + Shift + V command. It allows you to paste a simple URL without formatting. But if you do not need to frequently insert a link in the form of a heading into the text, and holding down an additional key when working with the Microsoft Edge browser is not very convenient. You can return to the traditional method of copying and pasting links.

Microsoft Edge now inserts a page title with a link by default when copying and pasting a URL: How to get things back TechRechard

To do this, click on the icon with the image of three horizontal dots in the upper right corner and call the settings menu. Further in the left menu, you will find the section “Sharing, copying and pasting.” Here you need to switch from the “Link” format to the “Text.” This procedure will need to be repeated for all user profiles.

Source: The verge

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