The latest update to the stable version of the Microsoft Edge browser introduces the long-awaited functionality – the ability to sync tabs and history across Android, Windows, and macOS platforms, which will improve cross-platform browser use.

Up to this point, the latest Chromium-based Microsoft Edge only synchronized passwords and bookmarks and also allowed links to be sent to any other device linked to a Microsoft account. Last month, tab sync between Android and Windows was introduced in the browser beta and is now available to users of Microsoft Edge’s stable version.

The new function is already available. No action is required from users (move the corresponding switch in the browser settings) since the update is deployed automatically on the server-side.

Microsoft is very active in developing and promoting Edge. In October, along with the semi-annual Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2), a beta version of the browser for Linux was released (before that, it was only available on Windows and macOS).

It is also appropriate here to recall the recent update to Microsoft Authenticator, which turns the proprietary authenticator app into a universal free password manager that syncs data between Edge, Chrome, iOS, and Android.

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