McDonald’s fast-food chain will expand its menu with plant-based dishes as part of the McPlant line and begin selling them in several markets in 2021. reports CNBC citing a statement from the company.

With the growing popularity of plant-based meat, McDonald’s is catching up. Rival Burger King partnered with Impossible Foods back in April 2019 to begin selling Impossible Whopper burgers with a plant-based patty.

In 2019, the McDonald’s chain sold PLT burgers for several months as part of an experiment. With a cutlet from Beyond Meat in Canada at a 6.49 Canadian dollar price (about 140 UAH). Actually, Beyond Meat, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of plant-based meat substitutes (by the way, it entered the Ukrainian market last year), helped develop a vegetable cutlet for the McPlant vegetarian menu.

How notes BBC, about 70% of McDonald’s total sales come from the most popular dishes – Big Macs, McNuggets, and French fries. And this is unlikely to change shortly, but vegetarian options should definitely help the chain attract new customers and increase sales.

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In addition to the plant-based patty burgers, McPlant’s menu also includes alternatives to chicken nuggets and breakfast sandwiches.

McDonald’s did not specify which countries will be the first to receive McPlant’s plant-based dishes, and when it will happen.

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