Apple has released the second beta version of macOS Sonoma, allowing developers to explore the latest enhancements and features of this upcoming operating system.

Getting Closer to the Final Version

Typically, the second developer beta aligns more closely with what was showcased during the initial presentation and marketing materials. Many changes we will unveil today have been implemented since the main unveiling.

macOS Sonoma 2 Beta Arrives for Developers with Exciting Features

User Feedback and Future Updates

It’s important to note that any feedback provided by users between the first beta and now might not be incorporated into macOS 14 beta 2 unless Apple is already working on it. However, user feedback will be vital in shaping the subsequent beta versions, starting with macOS 14 beta 3.

Unveiling New Features

Our team is updating our machines to thoroughly explore macOS 14 beta 2 and uncover all the exciting additions. We encourage you to share your discoveries with us in the comments and on social media as we update you on the changes we find.

Exciting Features of macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma introduces interactive Apple TV widgets and screensavers directly on your desktop. It also brings advanced video conferencing capabilities, Safari web apps integrated into the Dock, browser profiles, and more.

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Installing macOS Sonoma Developer Beta

For developers interested in trying out the macOS Sonoma developer beta, we have a guide available on how to install it.

You can also directly download macOS Sonoma DMG file and test it on your system.

Additional Updates from Apple

In addition to the macOS Sonoma 2 beta, Apple has released the very first visionOS app SDK for the Vision Pro. Furthermore, second beta versions of various other platforms have been made available to developers.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into macOS Sonoma 2 beta and keep you informed about all the exciting changes and features that lie ahead.


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