Over the next few months, we will repeatedly see new Apple operating systems’ concepts because they will be announced in June at the conference WWDC 2021. It is not yet clear whether it will occur online or in reality, but the interest in this does not diminish. Last month we shared with you the concept of watchOS 8, and today we have an exciting concept for a new version of macOS. It includes new apps, tighter privacy controls, updated notifications, and more.

macOS 12 or macOS Monterey

Monterey is one of the most likely names for the new macOS

It’s clear that after every major macOS update, Apple is focusing on a few specific areas for improvement. This is usually reflected in the title. The company links the systems by name to clarify that “this version is an improvement on the previous one.” For example, over the past few years, we have seen macOS Yosemite (US National Park), then El Capitan (one of the largest mountains in this park), Sierra (in honor of the Cordillera mountain range, located in California), and then – High sierra… Surely, this time, Apple will choose a name associated with the current macOS version – Big Sur.

What will the new macOS 2021 be called?

It would make sense for Apple to name it Santa Lucia, after a mountain range of the Big Sur coast. The macOS Big Sur wallpaper depicts many mountains and hills, so it seems quite appropriate. But if you look at Apple’s previously registered trademarks for macOS names, one stands out in particular. Monterey (Monterey) is already registered by Apple and is the county that Big Sur is located in. It’s worth noting that Big Sur was one of the trademarks registered concurrently with Monterey in 2014.

The sheer scale of innovation in macOS Big Sur and compatibility with Apple Silicon indicate that this year’s release will be simpler and likely more focused on individual applications and small system enhancements rather than structural changes. Here is an interesting concept for the new macOS from 9to5Mac

What’s new in macOS 12 Monterey!

Wallet app on Mac

macOS 12 or macOS Monterey? What with the new macOS 2021. TechRechard

Convenient spend manager on your computer.

I’m sure some people wonder why this app is part of the concept at all, but in the long run, it makes sense to have a Wallet app on macOS. Currently, Apple Card users need to view their payment information in System Preferences or use the Apple Card website.

With a full Wallet app on macOS, they can easily track their transactions and pay off their debts. And countries that do not have an Apple Card (and there are most of them) will get a convenient spending manager on their computer.

Why you need a Photo Booth app?

Photo Booth has been part of macOS for over a decade and has barely changed. In its 16 years, the app has started collecting dust in the user apps folder. Memoji and animoji are another matter.

An app like Memoji Studio could be a standalone version of the Memoji from iMessage on the iPhone. You are probably wondering how this would work on a Mac without a True Depth camera. Yes, Memoji Studio will require a new generation, Mac, with a 1080p camera and … maybe even Face ID. Dreaming is not harmful.

macOS 12 or macOS Monterey? What with the new macOS 2021. TechRechard

Photo Booth is long overdue to remove from macOS.

TestFlight on Mac

For the first time, developers are expected to test their applications through TestFlight on Mac. App users will be able to register to test beta versions of their favorite apps, submit reviews, and more.

macOS 12 or macOS Monterey? What with the new macOS 2021. TechRechard

Developers will appreciate this application testing.

IOS and iPadOS apps that run on macOS computers with Apple Silicon will also be able to display directly in TestFlight on your Mac. And work the same way as on other platforms. Cool?

Two-factor authentication with Touch ID

macOS 12 or macOS Monterey? What with the new macOS 2021. TechRechard

Just put your finger on it, and you get a code for two-factor authentication.

With Apple Authenticator, you can connect your web services accounts to the Keychain Access app on your Mac if you’re using Touch ID for authentication. When you sign in to a service that uses two-factor authentication, your Mac will automatically generate a code from your fingerprint. No one but the site or service you enter will see your code, and since your fingerprint is required to generate the code, no one but you will be able to log into your accounts.

Suppose you need to generate a code to use on another device, open Keychain Access, and create a code with your fingerprint. Goodbye, Google Authenticator, you were good.

New Weather app on Mac

One of the most useful iOS apps that never made it to the Mac is Weather. New weather widgets have appeared in macOS Big Sur in the Notification Center, but a standalone app can be a huge boon for many users. Currently, you need to use a website or download a third-party weather app to see additional weather data.

macOS 12 or macOS Monterey? What with the new macOS 2021. TechRechard

Mac Weather would be as useful as iPad Calculator.

New notifications in macOS 12

Big Sur has messed up the Mac notification system for many. Action buttons with notifications have become hard to see and often require additional presses. In Monterey, you can see all the action buttons at a glance, and these notifications can be configured to appear in the center of the screen.

macOS 12 or macOS Monterey? What with the new macOS 2021. TechRechard

This way, you will definitely not miss notifications.

Apple has removed the notification icon from the top right corner, and now you have to press the clock to access them. In Monterey, you will have a new notification icon in the center of the menu bar. The Action Center can be positioned in the center of the screen so users don’t miss important alerts. Apple could completely devote the side menu that appears when you click on the clock to widgets.

macOS 12 or macOS Monterey? What with the new macOS 2021. TechRechard

IPadOS-style Action Center looks great on Mac.

Additional security improvements

In 2020, iOS and iPadOS had some useful new privacy indicators that let you know when your microphone or camera is on, right in the status bar. Since Mac has a green light that comes on when the camera is on, no camera light is needed. But the microphone indicator is significant. The orange dot will appear right in the status bar, just like on iOS. It would be helpful.

When will macOS 12 come out?

Since the new version of macOS is likely to be unveiled at WWDC 2021, which traditionally occurs in June, the public release is likely to occur no earlier than fall. Apple usually releases new versions of macOS in October or November. However, the developer beta will be available shortly after the presentation.

What do you think of this macOS Monterey concept? Do you have any other ideas for names that Apple might choose? Maybe you would like to add something from yourself? Share in the comment section below.

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