In 2016, Apple presented its development – headphones that support communication via bluetooth. We’re talking about AirPods. As soon as the user takes these headphones out of the box and opens the case, an offer will immediately appear on the iPhone display to establish a connection between the 2 devices. One touch is enough – and you can enjoy your favorite tracks. The main advantages of AirPods are: stylish design, compactness, excellent sound quality, ease of use, and long service life. However, buying them is not a cheap pleasure.

Lost AirPods: how to increase the chances of their return

AirPods are completely wireless. And many people who want to buy them are worried about whether the device will stay securely on their ears. The developers themselves and other users talk about the comfortable and secure fit of the headphones. And yet, it happens that AirPods are lost. For example, the owner could simply forget them in public transport or drop them while standing at a bus stop or in line at a store. Is it possible to increase the chances of returning an expensive accessory? It turns out that this is possible.

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Simple life hack

On Twitter, one of the users, registered under the nickname @mofas, decided to share a simple way to increase the chances of returning lost Bluetooth headphones.

All you need to do is indicate your mobile phone number in the name of the headphones. What does it do? When a person who finds an accessory on the street or somewhere in the room starts synchronizing them with a smartphone, the phone will immediately appear on the display. And it will be easier for him to contact the owner of the lost device.

Many Twitter users immediately called the person who posted this life hack a real genius and rushed to share the information with their friends and acquaintances who have pages on this social network.

How to change the name of AirPods

Lost AirPods: how to increase the chances of their return

Even a schoolboy can cope with this task. You just need to follow the instructions:

  • Connect the headphones to your smartphone.
  • Go to iPhone settings and select “Bluetooth”.
  • Click on the i icon next to the headphone name.
  • Select the “Name” item.
  • Change the name in the window that appears. Click Finish. And the changes will take effect.
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Now, whenever you connect to AirPods, the name will indicate the phone.

There is another way. It provides for the use of a nickname in messengers or social networks (provided that it is the same everywhere).

Have you already appreciated the benefits of using AirPods?


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