A computer is a universal thing. The most important thing is to use it effectively. There are life hacks that can save you time while solving complex problems.

Life hack number one. When a person downloads some programs, they are automatically saved in the system startup. Every time the laptop is turned on, these applications run in the background and consume valuable resources. All you have to do is just turn them off on your PC.

The second life hack will help restore tabs that were accidentally closed by the user. To do this, click on the “Restore the previous session” box. All closed tabs will return to their place. For example, in Google Chrome, you can find this in the menu, where you should select the “History” item, and then click on the “Recently closed” box.

Life hacks that will help you save time when working with a PC

How can you recover some of the deleted text in Word? There is such a magic combination “CTRL + Z”, by clicking on which you can return the lost text in the document “Word”. This letter combination allows you to go back one action. This is a very useful method and should not be overlooked.

When a person is charging his laptop, it will be most effective to set the “flight mode” at this moment. In this case, all Internet services will be unavailable, and the gadget will charge faster.

The Tor browser will make every user invisible on the network. If a person wants his location not to be tracked by any program, then he should use this browser, which hides geolocation. A link to this browser can be found on the Internet.

Life hacks that will help you save time when working with a PC

If a person constantly works in a Word document, then he simply cannot do without this little trick. The shortcut keys “CTRL” + “A” allows you to select all the text in the file at once. This is a very handy feature and every user will need it.

Another useful combination of literal values ​​will allow you to quickly close any windows or applications. You just need to press the following: ALT + F4. This is how you can easily and simply close any tab or application.

In order to speed up gaming applications on Windows 10, you need to use a specific mode. You can find it if you go to “Options” and select “Games”. Then you need to click on the box that says “Use game mode”.

A deleted file can be easily brought back from the trash can. You can use the “Recuva” utility.

Life hacks to help save time when working with a PC

This tool not only brings files back to the desktop, but also recovers damaged documents.

What useful life hacks do you know to save time?

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