A couple of days ago, you released a big review of the products that will be shown to us at CES 2021. In the article, we wrote that LG would show us several new TVs in various price segments. But it turned out that this is not all. LG will also “bring” new refrigerators with the proprietary InstaView technology to the exhibition.

For those not in the know, InstaView refrigerators feature a large glass panel on the right door. By tapping on it, you can see the inside of the refrigerator. This reduces the number of times the refrigerator is opened and thus keeps the cold air inside.

The new items will also receive the Uvnanoa function, which uses ultraviolet LED to disinfect the inside of the refrigerator.

Also, refrigerators will receive support for voice recognition, which will allow you to open the doors remotely. So far, that’s all we know about these devices. More details will appear on the day of the presentation.

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