LG unveiled perhaps the most innovative product of this year (so far). The company brought a Bed with a Built-in Transparent TV at CES 2021.

CES 2021: LG unveils bed with built-in transparent TV

Bed with a Built-in Transparent TV: What can you expect?

The manufacturer claims that the transparency of this screen is 40%. This means that everything is visible through it, even when it shows images. In this case, the screen is located in the part of the bed where the person should have legs. In general, this TV panel can be placed anywhere.

CES 2021: LG unveils bed with built-in transparent TV

However, it will not be possible to buy this product yet. This is just a prototype that demonstrates possible developments in display technology. According to Jung-San Park, Senior Vice President of LG Display and Head of Commercial Department, “Transparent OLED is a technology that maximizes the benefits of OLED and can be used in a variety of places in our daily life, from shops to airplanes. It will grow into the next generation display that could change the existing display paradigm. ”

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Previously, LG also unveiled a brighter OLED TV lineup.

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