LG Display has prepared several new technology solutions in transparent displays and intends to demonstrate them during the upcoming consumer electronics exhibition CES 2021. Considering modern realities, the company is focusing on the usefulness of its transparent OLED displays in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

LG Display will arrange a physical demo of its products but using an online showroom. One of the novelties on display is a 55-inch OLED display installed in a sushi bar. Visitors can browse menus or watch videos on the big screen, and watch the chefs prepare their food. At the same time, they are protected from chefs by a translucent (transparency 40%) futuristic hygienic partition. For comparison, according to LG Display, a transparent LCD only provides 10% transparency.

LG Display to Showcase Real-Life Cases of OLED Transparent Panels at CES 2021: Restaurant, Bedroom and Subway

In another showcase area, the company will place the same 55-inch transparent OLED panel at the end of the smart bed so that the user can enjoy close-up video viewing without getting out of bed without blocking the view of the rest of the bedroom. The screen has Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) speakers built into the cabinet, so no external speakers are required. At the push of a button, the transparent screen can be partially or completely attached to the main body, while the old model still allows information such as time and weather to be displayed. Since the unit is installed on wheels, it can be moved to other rooms and enjoy the same viewing benefits.

LG Display will further demonstrate how a 55-inch transparent OLED display can be applied to a subway train. Passengers can look outward through a transparent display that replaces the traditional window. Thus, they can see both the surrounding landscapes and the information displayed on display, such as subway maps, weather information, or news.

A source: Engadget

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