Ahead of CES 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (January 11-14), LG, primarily known for its OLED TVs, has shared plans to release LCD TVs for 2021. In its new premium 4K and 8K LCD TVs due to hit the market in 2021, LG intends to use Mini LED technology, like TCL and many key manufacturers (due to be joined Samsung soon).

Mini LED technology (not to be confused with Micro LED) is a kind of rethinking of the well-known LED technology widely used in consumer LCD devices (TVs, monitors, mobile devices). Today’s most advanced LCD TVs stand out in Full Array Local Dimming (FALD), a technology in which LEDs (in some cases arrays of hundreds) act as a backlight behind the screen. They can be controlled independently by zones, dimming some depending on dark scenes. This allows you to achieve the desired black level and enhance contrast where needed. Mini LED technology stands out for its different approach – it involves using a larger number of smaller LEDs to achieve greater contrast than current TV models, limited to a couple of hundred dimming zones.

LG claims Mini LED provides “a giant leap forward in picture quality for LCD TVs.” LG says its proprietary version of the technology “includes nearly 30,000 tiny LEDs with 2,500 dimming zones and extended local dimming zones that deliver an incredible peak brightness and contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1.” Benefits include higher contrast, more dynamic HDR, and improved color fidelity compared to previous LCD models. Like the 2020 flagship models, the new ones support 120Hz refresh rates.

LG has created a separate brand to promote the new line – “QNED.” In this designation, the letter Q refers to quantum dot technology, and N is presumably an abbreviation for proprietary NanoCell technology.

Perhaps the most appropriate comparison here is the TV series TCL 8 Series – 25,000 LEDs in approximately 1,000 independently controllable zones. By the way, the TCL 6 Series models also use Mini LED backlighting, but the number of LEDs is much lower than that of the 8 Series.

LG Announces QNED, New Series of Premium Mini LED Backlit LCD TVs (Up to 30K Tiny LEDs)
Reducing LEDs’ size allows TV manufacturers to use much more of them for deeper blacks and greater contrast. Image: TCL

The LG QNED series will include models up to 86 inches. The manufacturer did not disclose the model range and full characteristics. The full announcement of LG’s pre-top QNED TV lineup is expected to take place at CES 2021.

Next year, LG will be selling OLED, QLED, and QNED TVs simultaneously (yes, confusion cannot be avoided with this designation). Once again, Mini-LED has nothing to do with Micro LED technology, which stands out by the absence of a separate backlight layer and combines millions of self-emitting LEDs.

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