LEGO Bricktales, the popular puzzle adventure game, is finally coming to mobile devices on April 27. The game was previously released on most platforms last fall, but its creators have been eagerly waiting to bring it to iOS and Android. Developed by ClockStone Studio and Thunderful, the game uses a unique “brick-by-brick” mechanic to solve puzzles and create one’s own Lego creations.

Thunderful recently released a YouTube teaser announcing the upcoming mobile device launch.

The game has been described as an epic adventure through a world of beautiful brick-built Lego biome dioramas, where players can help their grandfather bring his run-down amusement park to life with the help of a little robot buddy. Players will explore different environments, including jungles, deserts, medieval castles, bustling urban corners, and tropical Caribbean islands. They will help the mini figures of these worlds by solving puzzles and unlocking new skills to uncover the secrets and mysteries within.

According to Agostino Simonetta, the game director at Thunderful, LEGO Bricktales is a perfect match for touchscreens. The turn-based building mechanics of the game are ideal for touchscreens, and the creators are excited to see what players can come up with using this feature.

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The game is usually priced at $29.99 for Mac, Windows, Xbox, Steam, Playstation, and other platforms. However, for iOS and Android users, it will cost $4.99, making it an affordable option for mobile gamers. The game’s launch on mobile devices is highly anticipated, and fans are eagerly waiting to experience the game’s unique and engaging gameplay on their smartphones and tablets.


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