TFT Set 8.5 is mid-way through the season. What should players understand about Teamfight Tactics’ Glitched Out?

TFT’s mid-set is still underway, and many players have just started learning the ins and outs of this patch’s gimmick. If you haven’t tried Glitched Out with your LoL account, then it’s high time to understand a thing or two about Set 8.5. There are tons of changes that players will have to know from this update, which includes new traits and carousel mechanics. To start playing and grinding TFT, you must learn what Teamfight Tactics’ Glitched Out is.

Glitched Out Overview

While TFT does not emphasize the lore of each set, it gives some background information on how the traits came to be. For this set, the city of Spatulopolis has been devastated by Ultra Threat Whisker’s attack, which has significantly affected the Convergence. Monsters from other dimensions have been pouring out, and it is up to old and new heroes to stop them. This event has significantly changed how the carousel works, so if you want to Elo boost your account, you should understand the changes to the game. 

Glitched Out Carousels

The main gimmick for set 8.5 is the various carousel mechanics, which change throughout one match. The merry-go-round stages allow players to acquire accessible units and items by picking them up. However, Glitched Out introduced some twists to this stage. 

In Glitched Out, Carousels can now contain items outside components and spatulas. Things like Training Dummies, Loaded Dice, Golden Eggs, and others can be seen being carried by units. There will also be instances where anvils or eggs rotate instead of true champions. These variations will occur randomly, so you have to wait and see which one you will get.

Glitched Out Carousels can occur up to twice, so you can see them happening beyond Stage 2. However, later instances can get higher or better items or variations. Here are the potential changes that can occur starting at each stage:

  • Stage 3 – Component Anvils, Golden Eggs, and Lesser Duplicators
  • Stage 4 and 5 – Completed Anvils and Ornn Anvils
  • Stage 5 and 6 – Tome of Traits or Champion Duplicators

Carousel Changes

Aside from the introduction of Glitched Out Carousels, there is one specific change for these instances that players will surely appreciate. Starting this set, components possessed by units on the merry-go-round will automatically bounce off and go to the bench. This means that you do not need to sell the champion that you got so that you can reuse your items. This change is a huge quality-of-life improvement in the game because it prevents us from accidentally two starring a unit containing a component it does not need. 

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New Traits

A significant update means a new set, so Glitched Out is rolling out several unique traits. Each of these will have some futuristic gimmick or include abilities that can summon beings from parallel universes. Here are all the new characteristics for Glitched Out:

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This trait allows units to open portals to another dimension to summon alternate versions of themselves. These gateways will copy units placed on top of them. These doppelgangers gain one item depending on the number of active Augments. Here are the upgrades per dynamic character:

  • 3 – 1 Portal Opens, which produces a copy with 40% damage and 40% HP
  • 5 – 2 Portals Opens, which have copies with 55% damage and 55% HP
  • 7 – All copies gain 90% damage and 90% HP


This trait only activates when you field a two-cost Ezreal and a five-cost Ez. Here are the effects of this augment:

  • 2 – Ezreal’s Ability becomes a blast that hits all enemies in a line, and Ultimate Ezreal’s ability conjures one additional temporary clone. 


Units with this trait fire a bonus ability projectile after hitting two times with their abilities. Here are the bonus shot upgrades per active character:

  • 2 – 60% Total Damage
  • 3 – 100% Total Damage
  • 4 – 139% Total Damage


Activating this trait will allow Riftwalkers to bring an additional unit into the battlefield. 

  • 3 – Riftwalkers will bring forth an ally Zac into the field. This unit grows powerful depending on the based star level of Riftwalkers. He also gains the last-listed Trait of the closest ally with this characteristic. 

Returning Traits

Some previous traits will also return to this set, so there are only so many adjustments. Players can still use the last meta builds for 8.5 if recent changes haven’t nerfed them. Here are the traits coming back for Glitched Out:


Units with this trait gain a custom configuration per active character in each game. Here are the effects:

  • 2 – Initialize an ADMIN cause and effect
  • 4 – Add another effect and boost all tiers by 30%
  • 6 – Boost the previous tier by 100%

Anima Squad

Anima Units a pose after killing enemies, which increases their fame. Each stack grants five permanent HP to each member of this trait. Here are the other effects of a breakthrough:

  • 3 – 10% AD and 10 AP
  • 5 – 35% AD and 35 AP
  • 7 – 60% AD and 60 AP 


  • 1 – Lies dormant at the start of combat while absorbing the souls of deceased allies, which grants him 40 AP per stack. At 70% HP, the unit comes alive to fight. 


Before the start of each round, Gadgetens create random modified items with different effects, which will automatically get deleted after one use. Gadgeteens also gain additional Damage and Damage Reduction for each item equipped to them. Here are the results per breakthrough:

  • 3 – Create one item and give 3% bonus stats to Gadgeteens per item.
  • 5 – Create two items and give 10% bonus stats to Gadgeteens per item.
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LaserCorp agents’ combat drones deal magic damage to targeted enemies whenever their owner gets damaged or attacked (0.4 cooldowns). These flying objects will be reassigned to another agent when their user dies. Here are the effects per breakthrough:

  • 3 – Drone laser deals 30 magic damage.
  • 4 – Drone laser deals 42 magic damage
  • 5 – Drone laser deals 50 magic damage, and all units gain LaserCorps Drones.
  • 6 – Drone laser deals 70 magic damage, and all units gain LaserCorps Drones.

Mecha: Prime

At the beginning of the round, the selected Prime will combine with the two closest Mecha units, absorbing 90% of their base HP. Here are the other effects of each breakthrough:

  • 3 – The Prime gains 60 AP and 60% AD.
  • 5 – All Mechas gain 55 AP and 55% AD, while Prime gains two times the amount. 

Ox Force

Once per combat, Ox Force units would become immune to damage for one second when they receive lethal damage that would cause them to go below one HP. Here are the other effects of each breakthrough:

  • 2 – 20 Armor and 20 Magic Resist
  • 4 – 50 Armor and 50 Magic Resist
  • 6 – 125 Armor and 125 Magic Resist

Star Guardian

Each unit with this trait gains Mana during combat. Here are the upgrades per breakthrough:

  • 3 – 40% Mana
  • 5 – 70% Mana
  • 7 – 120% Mana
  • 9 – 200% Mana


At the start of combat, Supers strike a pose, which provides the team with 18% bonus damage. These stats increase for every three-star champ on the team.


Threat units do not gain any bonus for their trait, but they have potent Abilities and increased base stats.


UG units can open a vault by cracking the lock ten times through player combat. Once the vault has been opened, you can take what is available or attempt another one for better rewards. Here are the gains per breakthrough:

  • 3 – 2 cracked locks per win, 3 per loss
  • 4 – 2 cracked locks per win, 4 per loss
  • 5 – 3 cracked locks per win, 5 per loss
  • 6 – 4 cracked locks per win, 7 per loss


  • 1 – Execute enemies under 15% HP
  • 4 – Execute enemies under 30% HP


The whole team gains additional MR, and Aegis units gain twice the amount. Here are the upgrades per breakthrough:

  • 2 – additional 20 MR and 40 MR for Aegis
  • 3 – additional 40 MR and 80 MR for Aegis
  • 4 – additional 60 MR and 120 MR for Aegis
  • 5 – additional 90 MR and 180 MR for Aegis


Units with this trait gain bonus max HP. Here are the upgrades per breakthrough:

  • 2 – 20% bonus max HP
  • 4 – 44% bonus max HP
  • 6 – 75% bonus max HP
  • 8 – 110% bonus max HP


The team gains bonus Armor, and Defenders gain twice the amount. Here are the changes per breakthrough:

  • 2 – 30 bonus armor and 60 for Defenders
  • 4 – 80 bonus armor and 160 for Defenders
  • 6 – 200 bonus armor and 400 for Defenders
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Units with this trait have bonus movement speed and gain increasing bonus attack speed, which can stack up to 12. Here are the effects per breakthrough:

  • 2 – 5% bonus attack speed per stack
  • 4 – 9% bonus attack speed per stack
  • 6 – 15% bonus attack speed per stack
  • 9 – 24% bonus attack speed per stack


Forecaster grants varying bonuses to adjacent allies, which change per game. 


Units with this trait gain Omnivamp and summon a rideable H4ckerr!m, which can send its rider to the enemy’s backline. The one sent to the backline becomes untargetable for the first few seconds of combat. Here are the upgrades per breakthrough:

  • 2 – 15% Omnivamp
  • 3 – 30% Omnivamp for Hackers and 10% additional for the rider
  • 4 – 40% Omnivamp for Hackers and 20% additional for the rider


Units with this trait gain stacking AP whenever they cast their ability, which lasts for the rest of the round. Here are the upgrades per breakthrough:

  • 2 – +4 AP
  • 4 – +7 AP
  • 6 – +10 AP


The team heals a percentage of their max HP every two seconds, while Mascots gain double the amount. When units with this trait die, they go to the sidelines to cheer on their allies, which increases healing by 1% for each cheering Mascot. Here are the upgrades per breakthrough:

  • 2 – 2% healing
  • 4 – 3% healing
  • 6 – 5% healing
  • 8 – 12% healing


  • 2 – At 50% HP, Pranksters swap with a target dummy and relocate to another location while recovering 150 HP. This only happens once per combat. 
  • 3 – Target Dummies stun enemies that destroy them for 1.5 seconds. 


Renegades deal additional bonus damage and gain more when they are the last ones standing. Here are the effects per breakthrough:

  • 2 – 25% bonus damage and 20% additional for the last one standing 
  • 5 – 40% bonus damage and 30% additional for the last one standing
  • 7 – 55% bonus damage and 40% additional for the last one standing


Units with this trait fire magic orb at a random target every five seconds, which inflicts magic damage based on 50% of the AP. Here are the effects per breakthrough:

  • 2 – +25 AP
  • 4 – +60 AP
  • 6 – +95 AP
  • 8 – +140, and the orb explodes for 150% AP damage


Units with this trait gain bonus AD, which increases every four seconds. Here are the upgrades per breakthrough:

  • 2 – +5% AD
  • 3 – +10% AD
  • 4 – +15% AD
  • 5 – +21% AD

How Long Will This Set Last?

If you plan to play Teamfight Tactics with your LoL account, you should know when this set will last. Glitched Out will run until June 13, so we still have almost two months to grind competitive matches. Make sure to learn about each trait and augment before your next fight.


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