Even the most expensive smartphone released by a famous brand may one day fail. It would seem that this problem can be easily solved. You just need to take the gadget to the nearest service center. But what to do if the repair was performed poorly? That is, after it, the device does not turn on at all or has acquired new damage.

What the owner of the device can count on

Is it possible to get money back if the repair of the smartphone was carried out poorly

So, the performed repairs worsened the situation related to the performance of the mobile phone. What the owner can count on:

  • Repeated repair. It should be conducted free of charge. Even if the total cost of the work is much higher than the originally paid amount.
  • 100% refund of the cost of repairs carried out in another service center, if suddenly the owner of the device does not want to trust his would-be masters a second time.
  • 100% refund of the cost of the gadget itself. But only if it is possible to prove that, due to the intervention of repairmen, the device has completely lost its performance.
  • Receiving moral compensation, as well as covering all costs in case of appeal to the court.

How to act correctly

The main recommendation of experts is this: you should always check the device on site. Of course, not everyone has enough free time. But still, it is worth carving out at least 10-15 minutes to check the operation of the microphone or the heating level of the gadget during the game. This will help avoid new problems in the future.

Is it possible to get money back if the repair of the smartphone was carried out poorly

If you have the slightest critical remarks about the work of a mobile phone, you should contact an employee of the service center, asking him to draw up an acceptance certificate. It is necessary to describe in detail all the deficiencies found. Then you can start drawing up a claim (it should be in 2 copies). In it, outline the circumstances in which the breakdowns were detected, as well as the essence of the first call to the service. The claim must then be handed over to the technician who repaired the device. One copy should be given to an employee of the center. And the second drafter of the claim must keep to himself, but after asking the employee to put his signature, indicate the full name and position.

In most cases, the management of the service center decides not to contact, but to immediately fix the problem. Usually, the next day, the injured party is contacted by phone to offer to come to the office and resolve the issue in an amicable way.

If, however, the deadline for responding to the claim indicated by the compiler is out, then you can safely go to the department of Rospotrebnadzor, having previously drawn up a written complaint. You also need to bring with you:

  1. A check confirming the fact of payment for repair work.
  2. A copy of the claim, which contains the signature of the party that received it.
  3. Acceptance certificate.

Then professionals will begin to consider the situation. They will conduct an inspection, after which they will be sure to notify the citizen who turned to them for help.

Have you ever encountered unscrupulous service centers?


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