ChatGPT, an innovative AI technology, is available for access via a computer or iPhone connected to the internet. Nonetheless, certain professionals pose concerns regarding the safety of utilizing this AI. Before use, it is important to consider the following potential risks.

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Leakage of confidential and financial data

Is ChatGPT safe?

In March 2023, there was an incident where the chat history of bot users was mixed up, potentially leading to the exposure of payment information for ChatGPT Plus subscribers and other sensitive data. OpenAI released a report detailing the incident and resolved the underlying issue.

The fact that the chatbot was out of service for over five hours suggests that the problem was significant. Users who frequently interacted with the bot may have noticed longer loading times for their correspondence history and unusual requests that did not belong to them.

The risk of unintentional data leaks and cyber attacks remains a pressing concern at OpenAI.

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OpenAI privacy policy

Is ChatGPT safe?

According to OpenAI’s privacy policy, personal information such as contact details, transaction history, network activity, content, location, and login credentials may be shared with affiliates, merchants, service providers, law enforcement, and other parties involved in transactions. While some of this data may be used for research purposes, there is a concern about the potential for misuse and data breaches.

As a result, it is crucial to avoid disclosing sensitive information when interacting with a chatbot. For instance, you should refrain from requesting password optimization or generating strong passwords from the bot. It is also advisable to avoid revealing your exact address, place of residence, hobbies, phobias, or intimate personal information. Additionally, avoiding asking questions that may reveal your identity online or provide payment data is essential.

ChatGPT as a hacking tool

There is growing concerned about the potential misuse of ChatGPT as a hacking tool. It can assist individuals in crafting convincing phishing scams through emails and even teach dangerous programming skills and network infrastructure information. This is particularly problematic as AI cannot distinguish between “good” and “bad” code writing practices, as per experts.

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Is ChatGPT safe?

The integration of ChatGPT with darknet forums may result in a surge of new cyber-attacks, further straining the limited resources of cybersecurity researchers. As the plugin feature and internet connectivity become more widely available, OpenAI must exercise great caution regarding security.

Is ChatGPT safe?

ChatGPT scam

Fraudsters exploit the buzz surrounding emerging technologies such as ChatGPT to promote phony invitations to AI conferences, create counterfeit apps that solicit payments, and engage in other deceptive practices.

Is ChatGPT safe?

To avoid falling victim to scams related to ChatGPT, it is advisable to rely on trusted news sources or directly contact OpenAI to verify any invitations or offers that appear suspicious. This is particularly important when encountering offers of free ChatGPT Plus or discounted plans.

How to keep yourself safe with ChatGPT:

To ensure the safe use of ChatGPT, it is recommended:

  • to avoid sharing personal details such as your first and last name
  • keep sensitive data confidential
  • use English for queries
  • utilize a VPN (if internet speed permits)
  • refrain from disclosing passwords or requesting new ones for social media accounts
  • avoid installing unverified apps from ChatGPT
  • regularly clear your search history.
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In conclusion, while ChatGPT is a powerful technology with vast potential applications, it is crucial to exercise caution when using emerging artificial intelligence technologies. It is easy to forget that you are interacting with an online service that may be vulnerable to hacking and misuse.


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