According to 9to5mac, Australia’s Robert DeRose is suing Apple after his iPhone X exploded in his pocket. The most interesting thing is that the user went to court because Apple did not respond to his complaint in any way.

Robert DeRose told 7NEWS that he was sitting at his desk when he heard a hiss in his pocket and felt pain in his leg.

“I heard a faint clap, for which was followed by a hissing, and then I felt a severe pain in my right leg, so I jumped up immediately and realized that it was my phone. “

iPhone X exploded in the user's pocket TechRechard

Then he pulled out his iPhone X, which was just over a year old, from his pocket and found that black smoke was coming out of the smartphone.

The victim received second-degree burns on the thigh. He contacted Apple several times about this but never got a response.

As a result, DeRose turned to Carbone Lawyers’ legal form, which helped to file a lawsuit against the company. The firm also represents another person from Melbourne, Australia, who claims that his Apple Watch exploded and caused burns on his arm.

Apple later replied that the company attaches great importance to customer security and is investigating both claims.

iPhone X exploded in the user's pocket TechRechard
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