Apple has created fairly reliable devices, but sometimes they fail. Sometimes it’s the fault of the users themselves, but there are often cases when the problem occurs due to an iOS error. For example, after updating a new version of the iPhone, it shows a black screen or does not show the cellular network, Wi-Fi, etc. Of course, such a breakdown can also be caused by mechanical damage, moisture ingress, and many other factors. But before you go to the service center with this, you can try to solve the problem yourself with the help special application.

If you get this error, try the dedicated app- Reiboot.

Here is what ReiBoot can help you fix.

iPhone won’t boot

How do we usually solve most problems with iPhone or other Apple devices? That’s right, reboot. This is the first thing you should try to do. But it is not always possible to restart your iPhone or iPad. If your device is stuck at the boot screen, requires a connection to iTunes, or behaves in a completely incomprehensible way, you can try to restore the software using iTunes. This is simple enough but not always effective. iTunes may give an error while flashing. Also, Apple has already discontinued support for this application.

Developers ReiBoot promises to fix a fairly large number of possible problems with iOS devices. Their program works with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and even Apple TV. You need to plug in your device and choose which function you want.

ReiBoot home screen with phone connected.

How to put iPhone into recovery mode?

The easiest thing to do, and this feature is available for free, is to log into iPhone recovery mode. After that, it will already be possible to independently download the firmware and try to solve the problem (by the way, here, you can also exit the recovery mode in one click).

This is a handy feature. Few know how to enter iPhone into DFU or Recovery.

How to fix the problem with iOS?

But it’s much easier to go to the troubleshooting menu, where the application will download the firmware itself and do everything as it was. You need to select your device from the list, and ReiBoot will offer solutions to the problem.

The advantage of this solution is that you have the freedom to choose exactly how to fix the problem. To get started, we always recommend trying “Standard Repair” – in this case, all data on your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device will be saved.

It’s better to always try the easiest way first without deleting the data.

If this does not help, you can already choose an advanced repair (deep repair) and delete all information on the device. However, if you have a copy of iCloud, you can restore it without any problems.

After selecting “repair,” the application will download the latest software version for your device and start the process of solving the problem.

The application will offer to download the current version of iOS.

Then the troubleshooting will start.

ReiBoot will restore the functionality of devices stuck in recovery mode and DFU, stuck on the boot screen, rebooting devices. Devices are stuck on the lock screen, devices invisible to iTunes, and devices constantly think that accessories are connected to them. The right thing, really.

How to reset iPhone to factory settings?

Useful additions – the ability to reset iPhone to factory settings or restore default settings without deleting data. The same can be done in the iPhone’s settings, but if you do not have access to them (for example, the screen is broken or the phone does not load beyond the apple), this function will come in handy.

If there is no access to iPhone tinctures, this is direct salvation. And when selling, it will come in handy.

Of course, this application does not do anything supernatural. Advanced users, most likely, can do all this without the help of third-party applications. But for many (especially the older generation), it is much easier to press one button and solve all the problems with the device. It is often tough to explain to someone they need to download the firmware, reset it, or enter it into DFU.

ReiBoot has free and paid versions. The paid version allows you to solve more problems and errors when flashing through iTunes. Also, the paid version includes tools to optimize the work of iOS. You can try it yourself. The program works with all current versions of iOS, including iOS 14.3. Versions available for Mac and Windows. Remember that some problems may be related to hardware malfunction of your device, and they cannot be solved using any programs.

Download ReiBoot for Mac or Windows


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