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iPhone discharges on charging: 3 Reasons and Ways to Fix

iPhone discharges on charging: 3 Reasons and Ways to Fix

In this article, we will discuss why iPhone discharges on charging. With this article’s help, you will understand why it happens and how to fix-iPhone discharges on charging. So let us move forward.

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iPhone discharges on charging! This is quite possible.

iPhone discharges on charging.

Now let’s move on to charging in the opposite direction. Oddly enough, this phenomenon is quite common and consists of the fact that the iPhone’s charge level decreases, even though it is connected to a power source. That is, we are dealing with ordinary detente.

It happens that the iPhone is connected to a charger but still discharges.

The user clearly sees that the smartphone is charging, and lightning is shown on the battery icon in the status bar. This gives the impression that charging is going in the opposite direction.

Regardless of the circumstances in which you are faced with iPhone discharges on charging, there can be only one explanation for this phenomenon – the amount of energy consumed is more than that supplied to the battery. This delta gives the effect of reverse charging. But why?

iPhone drains faster than it charges!

Chances are the problem that iPhone discharges while charging can be easily fixed.

The electricity source which powers your iPhone may not be powerful enough. For example, if you plug the iPhone 12 Pro Max into a 5-watt power supply and play Fortnite on 5G. At best, the charge will stagnate, and at worst, it will slowly decrease. Solution – try to take a more Powerful 65W adapter.

Few know about existence power profiles, but it depends on them how quickly the iPhone charges. But, if the adapter does not support the power profile that the smartphone needs, charging will be too slow, and if you also load it with heavy tasks, then the effect may generally be the opposite. Solution – take power supply with a large number of profiles.

Apple-branded cables are made of rather fragile material of the material. They may become unusable over time: either the wiring will be frayed, or the contacts will oxidize. In general, problems can be very different. Therefore, the best solution is to replace the supplied power cable with something more reliable in a strong sheath.

Well, and perhaps the least common problem that provokes charging reverse is power controller malfunctions. The fact is that the battery state is controlled by a special sensor that prevents satiety. If it fails, this can lead to various troubles, such as overheating because charging cannot be forced to stop or to discharge even if connected to a powerful power supply. You need to contact an authorized service center immediately.

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