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iPhone 15 Pro Models to Feature 8GB RAM, Confirm Sources

Ahead of its launch, one of the circulating whispers around the iPhone 15 hinted at a RAM augmentation for its Pro versions. These speculations have now been cemented as fact by two dependable sources: Aaron (@aaronp613) and Joe Rossignol. Their deep dive into Xcode files revealed that both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are equipped with an impressive 8GB of RAM. For context, this is a leap from the 6GB RAM featured in their iPhone 14 counterparts.

A17 Pro Chip Upgrade

The Pro models are not merely getting a memory upgrade; they are poised to be equipped with the advanced A17 Pro chip. This enhancement promises users a smoother multitasking experience, especially with numerous applications running concurrently. Web enthusiasts, particularly those frequenting Safari with copious tabs, are also set to benefit from this revamp.

Base Model Specifications

On the flip side, the standard iPhone 15 and its larger sibling, the iPhone 15 Plus, will retain the 6GB RAM configuration – consistent with the quartet of iPhone 14 models.

Storage Rumors: Hits and Misses

Gossip mills were rife with the prediction that the iPhone 15 would double its upper storage limit from 1TB to 2TB. This notion held immense appeal, especially for professional photographers and videographers. However, this particular rumor failed to see fruition. There was, however, some silver lining: the Pro models now begin at base storage of 256GB, aligning with another segment of the rumor mill.

A Gift for Photographers & Videographers

Apple didn’t disappoint the visual creators. The iPhone 15 introduced Mac-locked shooting, a feature facilitating the rapid transfer of photos as they’re clicked, and the capability to record videos straight to an external SSD. Tethered photography, commonly deployed in studios, is now at the fingertips of iPhone 15 users, providing instantaneous previews on full-sized screens and slashing post-shoot transfer times.

Further bolstering its videography prowess, the external SSD recording matches offerings typically reserved for cinema-grade cameras. With SSDs offering terabytes of cost-effective storage, videographers can transition seamlessly from shooting to editing, bridging their work with a swift SSD-Mac connection.

In the Market for Cinema Cameras

Touting features previously exclusive to cinema cameras, the iPhone 15 seems to be drawing parallels with revered models such as the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. By facilitating SSD-based recording, Apple opens the gateway to expansive, economical storage and streamlines the workflow from capturing visuals to post-production.

Stay tuned for more updates as we inch closer to the official iPhone 15 launch.

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