Analysts at Wedbush recently announced that the next-generation iPhone will have 1TB storage capacity for the first time. As a reminder, the current iPhone 12 has a maximum storage capacity of 512GB.

Leaked new renders of the iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 will offer 1 TB of storage TechRechard

For iOS-like devices, Apple currently only offers 1TB of storage on its iPad Pro tablets. In the context of the broader smartphone market, the iPhone has lagged a bit here. For example, smartphone rival Samsung began offering 1TB phones starting with the Galaxy S10 series almost two years ago.

Leaked high-quality images and videos of the iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 will offer 1 TB of storage TechRechard

The iPhone 13 line is expected to launch this fall. However, we still don’t know much about the specs of the device. There were persistent rumors about the return of Touch ID and 120Hz high refresh rate screens.

iPhone 13: 120Hz Always On Screen, Small Bangs, and Touch ID

Until the release of the iPhone 13, Wedbush analysts remain optimistic about iPhone 12 sales after Apple went bankrupt in the $ 110 billion holiday quarter. The company estimates that there will be about 62 million iPhone 11 units in the March quarter and about 40 million in the June quarter. Analysts compared the success to the record iPhone 6 sales cycle in 2014.

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