There are different opinions about the iPhone. Some consider it the best smartphone of our time, while others consider it backward and worthless. True, the iPhone is selling well: there are almost only iPhones in the world’s top ten best-selling smartphone models. And the chips in them, even the year before last, are still ahead of all competitors’ chips in benchmarks. But the opponents of the iPhone also have arguments that you can’t object to them: the iPhone still does not have an always-on display function, or built-in fingerprint sensors, or much of what has long been used in smartphones from other manufacturers. Everyone has come to terms with this for a long time, but judging by what became known about iPhone 13Apple decided to fix it.

Here’s everything about the iPhone 13 (2021): Release date, Rumors, Features, and Prices

The always-on screen will be one of the features of the iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12s)

What will be called the iPhone 2021?

Apple does not suffer from superstition. She quietly released the Apple A13 and would have released the Apple A13X – if it were necessary. But those who buy iPhone may well be biased about this number, and using it as a designation for a new iPhone model could negatively affect its sales.

Somebody already thought for Apple and decided that the iPhone 2021 will be the iPhone 12s. The question is: what’s next? The 2022 iPhone is already at the stage of late prototypes. The remaining one and a half years will fly by in a flash – what should you call it? iPhone 14? Why not designate this index for the 2021 iPhone already? I’ll call it the iPhone 12s. Although I do not exclude that this model will be presented as iPhone 13, it will not affect its sales.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 S: What’s coming in 2021?

iPhone 13 Screen

The biggest change in the iPhone 12s is the display. In iPhone 12s Pro and iPhone 12s Pro Max, this will be LTPO OLED display manufactured by Samsung. Samsung is already doing it. Since November-December of last year, rumors have been circulating that one of the next generations of iPhones will finally have these displays. According to last year’s rumors, this should have happened in 2022 or even later. The LTPO and iPhone meeting is now scheduled for September this year.

LTPO displays have many advantages. For example, they consume 10-15% less energy than conventional (LTPS). Apple is looking for every possible and impossible way to reduce the power consumption of the iPhone – and the Always-On Display feature is low-power consumption – but all the time. iPhone batteries are already being dealt with, their capacity will be increased – but Apple would hardly have dared to add this function without implementing LTPO.

iPhone 13: 120Hz Always On Screen, Small Bangs, and Touch ID TechRechard

You can view the time or notifications without touching your iPhone.

The display (most likely only in Pro-models) will implement the technology ProMotion – automatically changes the screen refresh rate in the range from 1 to 120 Hz. The proMotion will speed up display reactions while also lowering power consumption. Apple is using ProMotion on the iPad Pro. Also, only in Pro.

iPhone 13 Camera and Bangs

The “bangs” on the iPhone screen appeared in the historic 2017, and then this tradition appeared – every year to predict either the disappearance of the bangs in the next model or its reduction. It is predicted that it will decrease in the iPhone 12s, but for the first time, there is at least some real justification for this: as if the front camera that will be used in it is much smaller in size than the current one.

The cameras on the back of the iPhone 12s will be shielded from the outside world by a transparent cover made of durable glass – this is also protection from trouble, and thanks to this cover, the camera block is easier to wipe clean.

iPhone 13: 120Hz Always On Screen, Small Bangs, and Touch ID TechRechard

Apple will cover the camera with a single glass that’s easier to wipe clean.

Also, the camera will be taught the craft of astrophotography

As far as I know, competitors do not yet have such a function. But they have long supported the portrait video mode, which is promised in the iPhone 12s. And, it seems, not only in its Pro-variations.

The fingerprint scanner in the iPhone 13!

The magnetic field of the MagSafe built into all iPhone 12s models will increase. Complaints about its insufficient force of attraction (accessories do not hold) have been heard. Considering that MagSafe uses permanent magnets, and the magnetic field can affect various devices (for example, a heart pacemaker), this improvement is more scary than pleasing. But Apple is sensitive to the security of its devices, so that it might be okay. In the iPhone 12s Pro / Pro Max, they promise the appearance of a Touch ID sensor placed under the screen

iPhone 13: 120Hz Always On Screen, Small Bangs, and Touch ID TechRechard

Finally, iPhone has an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Everything was fine with the iPhone before. Even their biggest setbacks in recent iPhone history, with the iPhone XR and iPhone XS / XS Max in 2018, would have been the envy of competitors. The drop in sales negatively affected Apple’s prestige and stock prices – but the iPhone XR became the world’s best-selling smartphone.

Apple has been slow to introduce fancy bells and whistles – support for wireless charging and defiantly bright OLED displays appeared on iPhones in 2017. Much later than other manufacturers. This lag may have affected the iPhone’s popularity and sales, but things were not bad with the iPhone’s popularity and sales. Apple lagged with the introduction of 5G and a lot more. And suddenly, something changed at Apple. The company decided to improve. As if one of her employees had been to the future and saw something terrible there. Mac and iPad came first. Now the urge to fix it has reached the iPhone.

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