Traveling abroad can be an exhilarating experience, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. Fortunately, several iOS apps available can alleviate common travel problems and enhance your overall journey. From language barriers to jet lag, here’s a roundup of iOS apps to assist you during your international adventures.

NordVPN – Data Protection

iOS Apps to Enhance Your International Travel Experience

When traveling, accessing public Wi-Fi networks can be tempting but risky. NordVPN, a popular VPN service, offers protection against potential hackers on public networks. With features like VPN Kill Switch, your device will be prevented from connecting to the internet if the VPN connection is interrupted, ensuring your data remains secure. NordVPN allows you to change your IP address, granting access to geo-restricted content abroad. Prices start at $15.49 monthly or $160.56 for the first two years.

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Download NordVPN for iOS

OneDrive – File Storage and Sharing

iOS Apps to Enhance Your International Travel Experience

Losing essential documents like your passport can be a traveler’s worst nightmare. Microsoft OneDrive offers cloud storage capabilities, allowing you to access crucial documents from your iOS device. You can even view documents offline, providing peace of mind when you don’t have access to Wi-Fi. The Personal Vault feature adds an extra layer of security with password protection. Additionally, backing up your vacation photos and videos ensures you won’t lose cherished memories. Consider a Microsoft 365 personal plan with 1TB of cloud storage for extensive storage needs.

Download OneDrive for iOS

iTranslate – Breaking Language Barriers

iOS Apps to Enhance Your International Travel Experience

Communication can be challenging in foreign countries, but iTranslate helps bridge the language gap. With over 100 languages available, the app allows you to translate text, voice, and even images. The pro version offers offline translation capabilities, ensuring you can communicate even in remote locations. iTranslate also features language learning tools such as flashcards and a phrasebook, enabling you to learn keywords and phrases before your trip.

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Download iTranslate for iOS

Timeshifter – Fighting Jet Lag

iOS Apps to Enhance Your International Travel Experience

Jet lag can dampen your travel experience, but Timeshifter aims to combat it. By syncing your circadian rhythm with your destination’s time zone, the app helps you gradually adjust to the new schedule. By following personalized prompts based on your sleep patterns and flight information, you can optimize your sleep schedule and minimize the effects of jet lag. Timeshifter offers a free trial with prices starting at $9.99 for a jet lag plan or $24.99 per year for unlimited plans.

Download Timeshifter for iOS

My Currency Converter and Rates

iOS Apps to Enhance Your International Travel Experience

Calculating currency conversions while traveling is essential for budgeting and fair transactions. My Currency Converter and Rates simplify this process with support for over 150 currencies. The app’s straightforward user interface resembles a basic calculator, making conversions quick and hassle-free. Exchange rates are updated automatically when internet-connected, ensuring accurate calculations. The app is free, with a pro version available for a one-time fee of $1.99.

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Download My Currency Converter and Rates for iOS

CBP Mobile Passport Control – Fast-Track Entry into the U.S.

iOS Apps to Enhance Your International Travel Experience

Are you returning home to the United States? The CBP Mobile Passport Control app expedites entry without needing a trusted traveler program. Eligible travelers from the U.S. and Canada can use the app at select ports of entry. You can navigate the customs process more efficiently by filling out a digital form, taking a selfie photo, and obtaining a QR code. Look for designated lines marked by MPC and present your QR code and passport to CBP officers. The app is free to use and can save you time during re-entry.

Download CBP Mobile Passport Control for iOS


With these iOS apps, international travel can be a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Whether you need data protection, language translation, or assistance with logistics, these apps have got you covered. Bon voyage!


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