With the release of iOS 17, the Visual Lookup feature receives significant enhancements, particularly in its ability to identify car dashboard symbols and provide relevant information. This feature distinguishes between symbols indicating errors and other dashboard characters related to ventilation, cooling, etc.

iOS 17 Enhances Visual Lookup: Identifying Car Dashboard Symbols

Additional Improvements to Visual Lookup

iOS 17 brings several other improvements to the Visual Lookup feature, expanding its functionality beyond car dashboard symbols:

  1. Recipe Discovery: When selecting an object in a photo, users can now access information about it directly from the menu, including recipes related to the object.
  2. Visual Lookup in Videos: Users can pause a video on any frame and obtain information about the object within that frame, utilizing the Visual Lookup feature.

Recognition of Car Dashboard Symbols

Users have observed that the Visual Lookup feature in iOS 17 has been trained to recognize various car dashboard symbols. It can even identify multiple symbols and icons present in a single photo. If multiple symbols light up on the car dashboard, the Visual Lookup feature can handle them effectively.

Upon identifying the characters in the photo, iOS 17 displays quick links to Safari, providing additional information about the symbols. Users can see the icon’s name, a brief description, and its corresponding meaning within the Photos app.

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The feature encompasses many car symbols, including warning icons, climate control symbols, headlight options, and more.

Using Visual Lookup in iOS 17

To utilize the Visual Lookup feature in the Photos app:

  1. Open the desired photo.
  2. Tap the screen to display the menu.
  3. Look for the special icon located at the bottom of the menu. It resembles a steering wheel, representing car symbols. If the steering wheel icon is not visible, users can tap the “i” icon instead.

Availability and Release

Currently, the iOS 17 beta version is accessible exclusively to developers. The public beta is expected to be released in July, with Apple planning a public release of iOS 17 in September. Here is a guide you can use: How to Safely Download and Install iOS 17 Beta on Your iPhone


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