Apple has introduced a new way for users to download beta software on iOS 16.4 beta without the need for unique profiles or a computer. The latest iOS 16.4 beta 3 allows users to sign in with a different Apple ID to download the beta software.

This system can automatically detect if a user’s Apple ID is enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program or the Apple Developer Program, which enables users to download and install beta software on their iPhone and iPad.

However, some developers have separate Apple IDs for personal and work use, making it impossible to install iOS betas using this new system. To solve this issue, Apple has added a new feature allowing users to manage the Apple ID to download the beta software.

Users can enter their Apple ID (if it’s different from their iCloud and App Store Apple ID) by going to Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates and tapping on their Apple ID.

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This change makes installing iOS betas on your iPhone or iPad faster and easier and switches between public and beta versions. As a reminder, Apple began removing websites that provided generic developer profiles for installing iOS betas last year. Users need to pay $99 per year to join Apple Developer.

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Source: 9to5mac


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