Users report that their iPhone disconnects from Wi-Fi after updating to iOS 16.1 periodically and in random periods. Complaints began to appear on the Reddit forum, on Twitter (1234), and on the Apple support community.

iOS 16.1 causes Accidental Wi-Fi Disconnections for some iPhone Users

Users complain that their iPhone periodically and sometimes randomly shuts down during the day, despite the lack of changes in their environment. Other users say their iPhone sometimes disconnects from Wi-Fi when their device is in standby mode, such as at night. Some users have tried resetting network settings on their iPhones, but the reset has proven ineffective.

iOS 16.1 was released last week and is the first significant update to the iOS 16 operating system since its release in September. iOS 16.1 has many new features, including interactive Live Activities.

This week, Apple began beta testing iOS 16.2, the next major operating system update expected to be released in late November. It’s unclear if Apple plans to release an interim update that could fix the Wi-Fi bug and other issues users are facing.

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