Earlier this month, Apple released the first beta of iOS 14.5, which should be the most significant update to iOS 14 since its launch last September. One of the many new features and changes noticed by beta users was setting the default music streaming service. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true, and Apple will not yet have a feature that allows you to choose a new default music service for iOS.

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Apple told TechCrunch this week that it doesn’t put the feature on par with the default browser or email application. Rather, by telling Siri which music app you want to use to play a specific song, album, or artist, “it could improve and even change over time as Siri learns to understand your listening habits better.”

As Apple explained to TechCrunch, if you ask Siri to play “I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers after installing iOS 14.5, you might see a prompt asking you to choose a service to play that song. The fact that you choose Spotify does not mean that Spotify is now the service that Siri will always choose by default in the future. After a few days or weeks, Siri may even ask you again if your preferences have changed.

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iOS 14.5 won't let you choose a new default music service TechRechard

Apple also told TechCrunch that there is no setting in iOS that allows an iPhone or iPad user to set up a “default” music service. This was true when reports of Siri’s innovations first began to circulate, but several reports suggested that this could be a step towards customizing the default music app.

How to make Spotify the default music app in iOS 14.5 beta?

Apple still wants to make your life easier while making Siri smarter. Still, anyone who is expected to install a default music app along with their browser and email apps is likely to be disappointed. However, if you use Siri frequently to play music, podcasts, and audiobooks, you will learn over time which apps you like, so you don’t have to specify that you want your podcasts to play on Spotify and your music on YouTube Music.

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