Who is the most trusted supplier of leaks and leaks about new Apple products? They are not analysts, insiders, and assembly workers, although they share reliable information from time to time. The most reliable provider of leaks is Apple itself and, to be precise, the beta versions of the updates that it releases for its devices. Stable several times a year in test builds of updates. You can find a mention of a particular new item released in Cupertino with a slight delay. So we already learned about the release of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, HomePod mini, and AirPods Max. And now it’s the turn of the removable battery for the iPhone.

Apple released iOS 14.5 beta 2. What’s new?

iOS 14.5 Confirms Apple Is Making Magnetic Removable iPhone Battery TechRechard

Apple is preparing a removable battery for iPhone with magnets.

In iOS 14.5 beta 2, which was released earlier this week, a MagSafe-enabled iPhone power bank was mentioned. Obviously, in this case, we are not talking about the Smart Battery Case, but about a completely new type of accessories. Judging by the meager description given in the update, the gadget will have a removable design, attaching to the iPhone’s back with magnets. Which iPhone we have has the right magnets for attaching external accessories? Only the iPhone 12, of course.

Removable battery for iPhone

iOS 14.5 Confirms Apple Is Making Magnetic Removable iPhone Battery TechRechard

Aliexpress has had similar batteries for a long time.

Whether a removable battery will be convenient is a big question. After all, if Apple wants to make it power-hungry enough, it will almost certainly come out quite thick. And even one centimeter, which will be added to the smartphone case’s thickness, will make its use, and even more so transportation, less convenient. Another thing is that such a battery’s efficiency will be much higher than that of similar solutions. According to data from iOS 14.5 beta 2, Apple’s new accessory will reach 90% efficiency. This is a serious indicator.

As for the usability, there may be questions. We already know that Apple’s external wallets offer to iPhone 12 users magnetically rather poorly on the back of a smartphone. In addition to the fact that they do not clearly fall into place and they have to be corrected, when the device is placed in a narrow pocket of jeans, the wallet clings to its edge and flies corny. But if the cards and cash, which you intercepted just in case, do not suffer from falling even on a tiled floor, the battery will almost certainly order a long life.

MagSafe External Battery

iOS 14.5 Confirms Apple Is Making Magnetic Removable iPhone Battery TechRechard

It is unlikely that your own battery with magnets will cost the same money that is asked for it on Ali.

But do not think that Apple invented to make removable batteries for the iPhone 12 with magnets. Similar solutions are actually on sale on Ali for a long time – at least since the smartphone itself appeared on the market. We have already talked about one of these batteries. You can read it if you are interested. Apparently, this is one of the first solutions of this type, so it is rather difficult to call it beautiful. Another thing is that the Smart Battery Case was far from the standard, but it perfectly performed its function.

Buy on Ali

In fact, an external battery that attaches to the back of a smartphone with magnets solves many problems. Unlike a case with a built-in battery, it minimally increases the dimensions of the device. Thanks to MagSafe technology’s support, it can quickly charge the iPhone’s battery, accelerating to 15 W, and looks more aesthetically pleasing. It does not deprive you of contact with the body of the smartphone. After all, when you place an iPhone in a silicone case, you don’t feel glass or metal, and with a magnetic battery, perception does not deteriorate.

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