Apple recently unveiled watchOS 10, the upcoming major Apple Watch operating system update. With a complete redesign to take full advantage of the latest Apple Watch hardware, watchOS 10 introduces two exciting new watch faces: Snoopy and Palette. Let’s explore these new additions in more detail.

Palette Watch Face: A Burst of Color

The Palette watch face is the first addition to watchOS 10. It offers a vibrant display of time using a variety of colors. With three separate overlapping layers, the colors on the display change as time progresses. Users can customize the Palette watch face by selecting from various gradient templates. Up to four complications can be added in the corners, allowing quick access to personalized information.

Introducing the New Apple Watch Faces in watchOS 10: Snoopy and Palette

Snoopy Watch Face: A Playful Companion

Another exciting watch face making its debut in watchOS 10 is Snoopy. Inspired by the beloved characters from the “Peanuts” comic book, Snoopy and his friend Woodstock come to life on the Apple Watch. The characters interact and play with the hands of the clock, react to weather conditions, and even become active during workouts. Different animations featuring Snoopy and Woodstock are displayed each time the user raises their wrist. Snoopy and Woodstock can be seen sleeping when the display is dimmed, exclusively available on Apple Watch models with an always-on display.

Introducing the New Apple Watch Faces in watchOS 10: Snoopy and Palette

Style Options and Special Features

The Snoopy watch face offers several style options, including versions without indicators and with numbers. Users can also select a colored background to further personalize their Apple Watch. Notably, the default settings for Snoopy’s face in watchOS 10 display a black and white background on weekdays but switch to a colored background on Sundays, reminiscent of the newspaper comic strips. Apple refers to this theme as the “Sunday Surprise.”

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Introducing the New Apple Watch Faces in watchOS 10: Snoopy and Palette

Discover More in watchOS 10

Beyond the new watch faces, watchOS 10 brings a host of additional features. Users can access widgets from any watch face, monitor cycling exercises with new options, track mental health, enjoy FaceTime group audio calls, utilize NameDrop, and much more.

Try watchOS 10 Beta

Developers can now explore watchOS 10 by enrolling their Apple Watch in the Apple Developer Program. Apple plans to release watchOS 10 to the public in the fall, with a beta expected in July. Get ready to enjoy the enhanced Apple Watch experience with the exciting new watch faces and features in watchOS 10.

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