This week the consulting agency Interbrand published The 21st Best Global Brands report with a revised ranking of the 100 most valuable brands in the world. The first place in the ranking for the seventh consecutive year was taken by the Apple Corporation.

The agency estimated the value of the Apple brand at $ 323 billion, which is 38% more than a year earlier. Amazon moved up to the second line of the rating, its brand value soared by 60% in a year – to $ 201 billion. Interestingly, Amazon took the second place from Google, which has been breathing down Apple’s back since 2013. Google is now the fourth brand with a valuation of $ 165 billion (-1%). The third place went to Microsoft – $ 166 billion (+ 53%).

Samsung Electronics also entered the top five for the first time – $ 62 billion (+ 2%). South Korean giant first appeared in the rating twenty years ago – then he took 43rd place. By 2010, the brand rose to 19th place, in 2012 the company entered the top ten, taking ninth place, and in 2017 – sixth place.

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Among the main factors that have played a decisive role in increasing the value of the Samsung brand, Interbrand identifies the following:

  • Rapid response to COVID-19 through global corporate social responsibility (CSR) events and an integrated global campaign;
  • social activities aimed at sustainable development;
  • regular premieres of innovative products such as Galaxy Fold, The Terrace and BESPOKE refrigerators;
  • constant investment in the development of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G and the Internet of Things.

Other tech and media corporations in the Best Global Brands 2020 ranking include Disney (10), Intel (12), Facebook (13), IBM (14), Instagram (19), Huawei (80) and Zoom (100). If you look at car brands, then Toyota is the highest (7), followed by Mercedes-Benz (8), BMW (11), Honda (20), Hyundai (36), Tesla (40), Ford (42), Audi (44) and others.

It is important to emphasize that the rating is not based on market capitalization alone, which Apple has in excess of $ 2 trillion. The Interbrand agency estimates the value of brands according to its own complete methodology, which takes into account many criteria and indicators. In addition, brand owner companies must meet a number of conditions – to conduct business on at least three continents, receive at least a third of the revenue outside the country of the brand’s registration, and disclose their financial performance (that is, be public companies)

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