The company’s new development has appeared on the crowdfunding platform Xiaomi Youpin – this is the Idmix P10 Pro portable battery. Its main feature was the presence of the Lightning connector, with which the iPhone is charged. Also, a special cable with this connector is included in the package.

Xiaomi released Idmix P10 Pro Portable Battery- A Portable Battery for iPhone Owners TechRechard

Idmix P10 Pro Portable Battery: Features and Price

The portable battery has two connectors – Lightning and USB-C. The devices support Apple’s 20W charging, which allows you to charge your iPhone 12 from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. Also, the power bank supports the 22.5W Huawei SCP charging protocol. There is a special indicator on the body of the device that reflects the charge of the battery. And the battery capacity itself is 1000 mAh.

The novelty can be purchased for $29.

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