The Huawei Watch GT 2 Porsche Design smartwatch presented today is priced at 695 euros. If you go to the Apple website, for example, in Germany, you can see that Watch Series 6 can be bought at a higher price, but this is for certain modifications. Basically, this watch is cheaper.

Why is Huawei asking that kind of money? Of course, it is based on the same Watch GT 2, but in this case in a titanium case, with a titanium bracelet, sapphire crystal, ceramic lid and original OS design. Actually, that’s all you pay for.

Huawei Presented Its: GT 2 Porsche Design Watch TechRechard

Let me remind you that Watch GT 2 is actually a sports watch or an advanced fitness tracker, but not a full-fledged smartwatch. But there is excellent autonomy, many sports functions and good software support from the manufacturer. And design can really buy many, although the price bites.

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