Huawei has commented on the situation with the expiration of the general license. The Chinese company claims that fears (due to the possible loss of access to Google apps and services for older smartphones) are unfounded. The company will continue to fulfill its obligations, and firmware updates will be sent to users’ devices without disrupting the operation of Google services and applications.

Huawei notes that nothing will change for all users of its devices right now. For models with Google Mobile Services, the company will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all Huawei smartphones and tablets that have been sold or are in stock worldwide. Wherein:

  • Applications will continue to work unchanged.
  • Google services and non-Google services such as Facebook, Instagram and others will continue to work.
  • In the future, devices will receive updates from Google Play and updates from third parties.
  • In the future, devices will receive security updates.
  • User data is protected.
  • The smartphone will work normally, including when traveling between countries, after a reboot or a factory reset.

It is also reported that Huawei remains committed to its strategy of developing a “1 + 8 + N” ecosystem for multi-device collaboration. The company continues to develop Huawei Mobile Service and AppGallery, which are used by 700 million users globally. In Ukraine, the HMS ecosystem is also actively growing – the number of active users per month of the AppGallery platform in Ukraine has reached 699 thousand. About 70% of all Huawei smartphones that are now sold in Ukraine are HMS smartphones.

Due to the expiration of the general license, the operation of devices based on Huawei Mobile Services will also remain unchanged. All HMS devices still run on the open Android platform. The AppGallery store offers 18 categories of apps that cover all user needs – from entertainment to education to business. In addition, Huawei offers the Petal Search widget powered by the Petal search engine. The company says it’s an efficient way to find and download apps.

Additionally, it is noted that all Huawei smartphones and tablets are still running on the Android platform.

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