Huawei has presented two new TVs at home – Huawei Smart Screen S and Smart Screen S Pro. Both models are available in three sizes: 55 “, 65” and 75 “.

During the presentation, Huawei focused not on the characteristics of the devices but the functions. So, both TVs are equipped with an AI retractable camera that supports video calls with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. With these TVs, you can make calls to other smart TVs, and it is also possible to transfer a call from a mobile phone to a TV. Also, voice calls are supported.

Huawei introduced two smart TVs from the Smart Screen S series

Also, TVs can improve the picture quality from Huawei children’s smartwatches. This will allow parents to monitor the safety of their children constantly.

Also, the TVs have a remote monitoring function. This means that using your smartphone. You can call the TV camera and check the situation in the apartment.

Huawei introduced two smart TVs from the Smart Screen S series

Now a little about the characteristics. The TVs received a 120Hz screen with 92% DCI-P3 coverage. 6 speakers are responsible for the sound, four of which are 10 watts.

TVs will go on sale by the end of January. Huawei Smart Screen S 55 ″ will start selling on December 26 for $ 503.

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