Huawei has filed a new patent application with the National Intellectual Property Office of China. This patent for “Method and Equipment for Removing Scratches on Glass” was adopted and published on December 22, 2020.

The patent specification describes a method for repairing scratched glass on the front and back of smartphones. The equipment detects a scratch on the glass of the screen. If there is a scratch on the front side, wipe the glass with alcohol. And if we are talking about the back panel, then an ultrasonic cleaner is used.

Huawei has a new way to remove scratches on the screen of smartphones

A special mixture is prepared after cleaning, including 35-45% acrylate, 50-60% epoxy resin, 2-3% initiator, and 2-3% additives. Then the liquid is applied to a transparent film that is glued to the smartphone. And ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 320 ~ 420nm is used to cure the repair mortar.

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