The auto redial function will help make your phone experience much more comfortable. On some smartphone models, this function is built right into the system, but enabling it is not always an obvious process.

What does the inclusion of auto redial on a smartphone give?

Very often, a person is not able to receive an incoming call on the phone. There can be many reasons for this. Enabling the auto redial function will allow the subscriber to understand when the right person will answer the call. It happens as follows: when dialing the desired phone number, even if the subscriber is not available, the call will simply go into the “waiting” mode. In this case, the phone will automatically make calls until the call is answered.

How do I enable built-in auto-dialer on my phone?

If your smartphone’s operating system includes such a feature, it’s pretty easy to do. First you need to click on the call button and get to the call settings. To facilitate this task, you can go to the phone settings and write the word “auto redial” in the search. However, if your phone OS does not provide this feature, you can use a third-party app from the store.

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How to enable auto redial using the app?

The application can be installed from the “Play Market” utility store. Finding it is quite simple, the very first will do:

Instructions for working with the program:

There are many different applications for connecting the auto-redial function, but the essence of their work is pretty similar. Your best bet is to test a few utilities and choose the one that is most comfortable to use. These applications will allow you to call a person immediately as soon as an active connection to the mobile network is resumed on his phone.

Do you find the auto redial feature useful?


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